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Marioalonso961@yahoo email if u can, Im a proud owner of a 2007 colostomy, it has a mind of its own,loves to have out bursts especially when its completely silent, but deadly....Due to rectal cancer i received my gift.Yes a gift cause Im not dead, thank you God....Im here hoping to meet someone I can be friends with and talk to first, not everything has to be about hooking up so no pressure ...;)
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f, 38
Was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer in May 2020. Became a perm...
Georgia, United States
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I was born and educated in Ireland. I have worked in UK., mostly L...
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Looking for Support
Florida, United States
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Getting the hang of this whole deal, I think. My sense of humor wa...
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Formerly had J pouch now permanent illiostomy
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