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enjoy the out of doors. trials and tribulations of having an OSTOMY. Here to discuss the everyday life of being an ostomate. Have been an ostomate going on 5 years. Had a temp colostomy for a year, trying to get the UC into remission but that didn't work. Had went septic and all the infection went into my groin area. That went on for about 6 months until I couldn't take the pain of the huge blisters that had formed in my inner thighs. It was almost impossible to walk not to mention the infection was stripping me of everything else, literally taking my life to the point of no return. It was to the point of me being a walking gray ghost of a man. Went to the Doc and that was when it all started. from that point on it was surgery to remove the blisters and getting rid of the infection. Still had the issue of the UC, hated it when the nurses had to come in and clean me from having bowel issues. They had even tried to place an indigni-care tube and pouch into my rectum. That didn't work out cause it wouldn't stay in place. That's when they took me in for the temp colostomy, to keep all the waste from infecting my groin. They had a wound vac on me to help heal the wound from inside out. Was hooked up to so many IVs and everything else. Finally got to come home and continue with the wound vac, having in home care nurses twice a week, what a godsend they were.Three months home care with the wound vac. Then came the time for the total removal of everything. Luckily I was a good candidate for the laparoscope procedure. Any thing else that you would like to know don't be shy and just ask. Trying times it was to say the least.
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