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aliveand well

Something we all have in common, and would be nice to talk about it with others. Being 62 and having lived with my ostomy s1nce 1981 it has been great. I do not miss flare ups and long hospital stays, life if good. If you are at a point in life with ongoing flare ups and being sick all the time, make the jump and have the operation, you will be re-born. Having been married most of my life "couple times" I guess my wives thought others had more to often, well such is life. Me I just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Most would tell you I am easy going and have old fashion values, well it is to late for me to change and I like who I am. I have worked the cooperate seen, design engineer, and now operate my own home repair service, located here in Bradenton, Florida. If you have time look me up Anna Maria Maintenance. Now that I am in my early 60's I desire to cut back a little, do some travel in an RV and see some of the states. I like to fish, relax at home watch little TV. I have good habits and by this I am not a big drinker, mostly calm and for a guy very neat and orderly, Everything has its place, anyway if you care to share a little with me feel free to send me a message.
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