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I'm a laid back person who enjoys nature, being outdoors and doing numerous crafts and reading. Love visiting the Florida Panhandle. I had colon cancer at 49 years old with chemo and radiation treatment and now have a permanent ostomy. I have 4 cats and 1 dogs and enjoy spending time with my daughters and grandchildren. I am a retired NICU RN.

I am hoping to find a friendly and casual relationship. Someone to talk to who enjoys my interest and hobbies. I love to hear funny stories about people and their ostomies!! After all, you really have to keep laughing and have fun!
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Ass cancer x2. 2017 then 2022. Recurrence last year, total open APR...
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i have a j pouch after 3 surgeries. went well. pretty good shape o...
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Learning and connecting with others on a similar path
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