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I'm a 65 year old divorced woman living with and taking care of my 91 year old mother.
We live in Central Calif,and all the rest of our family (sister, stepbrother and their families) live in the same town.
I have 3 grown children with children but unfortunately my middle, only boy, has been in and out of prison the last 13 years, since he was 18, due to crimes related to drug use. He's my greatest worry seems like forever.
Living in California and being 16 during "the summer of love" I was a teenage rebel to extreme hanging with long hair hippie types, doing dope, dropping out, swimming upstream and was unwed mother at 17.
Have never had any money to speak of even after I married so my travels and adventures were very limited.
I went to business college then went back to get AA when I was 25. I was very active in women's rights movement just to end up as an 'at home' mom, a job I loved and took very serious. I only worked part time from then on.
I was with my husband for 30 years which ended in an abusive, drunken, violent end by both of us. When we split I was homeless for several months because I had burned all my bridges when things became tough. Because of my own pride I disassociated from all but mom and my kids.
I had moved in with my mom, taking good care of her and stopped drinking when I had bowel obstruction and was in ER with sepsis and complete liver shutdown in July 2015.
I've had a colostomy reversal after 10 months but got a MRSA infection in my stoma site at that time that was not diagnosed for another 10 months.
Because of all that, I don't feel that I'm actually healed yet as I learn what to expect with the MRSA. I've just gotten over my second flareup since treatment.
I've been a member for about a yr and I've gotten more out of it than my wildest hopes. I've found friends and confidants, support and advice and a safe place to be. This is a revised profile in which I've shared more of myself because I no longer feel as if I'm a stranger.
Thank you all for giving me back some self esteem. They say there's a reason for everything. I believe it's true.
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