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I was happily divorced with sole custody of my son. Stopped smoking and very quickly developed Ulcerative Colitis. It became severe over time. All medications stopped working. Had a colostomy November 2016. Next surgery was a year later to make it permanent. Took a while getting used to this revised way of life. The inconveniences pale in comparison to the pain I experienced from the inflammation due to Ulcerative Colitis. Finally completed my move to Reno, Nevada. Would like to find a travel companion, especially someone who enjoys cruising, road trips and all types of theatre...
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Looking for Friends and Support
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I have an ileostomy. I am looking for a long term relationship or b...
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I've had a urostomy for almost 5 years now. I developed bladder can...
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Ileostomy, temporary. I'm seeking support and information.
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I have a colostomy bag and have for 5 years. I am here for support ...
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