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I had an ilestomy due to Ulcertive Colitis about 38 years ago. Within the last 10 years I have had to have several surgeries, the lastest(3 years ago) a double hernia repair. That went fine. In late summer I had a problem with my lower stomach. The pain was terrible and my friend (a registed nurse)thought it was gas. But since then I have probably had 4-6 more of these probles. My stomach looks extended and feel bloded. I have had stomach xrays, I had one done while the pain was sever. According to the radiologist all was normal. I have started taking Bentyl to see if that helps. I had taken it only when I had the attacks. I have made an appointment with the doctor who did the double hernia repair. It is probably not the place to start but came to the conclusion that he was the last one who operated on me. If it is not in his field he can send me to someone else. Otherwise I do fine.

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