Time for update.....wow, I just realized that my profile was stale!...It mentioned surgery, future tense! Yea! Pre-op chemo/radiation, successful surgery including the removal of tumor + 14 lymph nodes (all NEGAGIVE, thank God)....they're all behind me, and part of my grateful Past!
I'm currently facing the next phase of the journey...post op chemo to annihilate every last cancer cell in my body! The schedule they've defined for me is: 10 treatments, every other week; go in on Tuesday for onsite Folfox infusion, leave with the door prize of the take-home 5Fu pump, and finally, disconnecting the pump on Thursday. I completed the first cycle starting Sept 1--ah man, I breezed through pre-op chemo and radiation and even the 6 hour surgery, but I believe I may be running out of steam. Felt like a dog for the first week(never got sick, just weak and fatigued)......the second week, I felt like a million bucks...just in time to start the cycle again next Tuesday. :-) Oh well, if this is what it takes to prevent recurrence then, bring it on! My surgeon keeps telling me that the surgery went swimmingly and that if I just hang in there and continue to take care of myself, the prize will be the ever-so-desired reversal. o.k doc, whatever you say, I'll do! Jump, how hi?

Just like most people on this wonderful site, I try not to take ANYTHING for granted....as most of us know, life is a gift....and the more we give to others, including a simple smile if it helps someone, the more we receive.

So.....a little about me personally (vs. medically) and what I like to do:
I like to stay active; I love jetskiing, boating, kayaking, hiking, biking, camping, traveling, horseback riding...just to name a few. I actively meditate to relieve stress and build confidence to endure the challenges ahead. I have a great career, a very supportive family and friends, and a strong sense of spirituality. Thanks for reading...

My hope is to find comfort from others who understand what I am going through. I hope to also comfort others throughout my journey.
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