Recently divorced after being separated for two years. I was in a mentally, verbally and spiritually abusive relationship for 15 years. I did not finalize everything right away because I wanted to give my spouse the chance to correct the areas of our marriage that needed attention. The result was that he made no attempt to make any changes so I completed the divorce. Recently, I left my part-time job as a Medical Escort/Community Integration Specialist to completely retire. I am enjoying my single life at this point but do miss the conversation aspect of having a companion.

I joined this site because there are no Osteo support groups here in Billings. I can tell you that this site has been a lifesaver for me. In 2017 I had my first life saving surgery when my lower bowel suddenly died for no reason. Then, after suffering with severe pain for the next 7 months, I had my surgery redone in 2018 due to the first ileostomy stricturing shortly after the first surgery in 2017. This site has answered all my questions, given great advice when I came across an issue with dealing with ileostomies and has been so supportive when I recently lost my middle son in December of 2018. I lost my father on March 29th 2020 and am currently coping with the grief from this situation. I can honestly say that the last 3 years have been a challange!

The future for me is looking hopeful. It was so imperative for me to break the circle of abuse that I had gotten into for 15 years. I can tell you that I will never put myself into that situation again.

I am hoping that God will see fit to find me a mate of His chosing this time as I do not feel ready to go through the rest of my life on this rock alone. However, I need to wait on the Lord and follow His time line...not mine!

Feel free to drop me a line or two if you would like to chat. I am always open to good conversation over a cup of coffee or as our friends across the pond say, "Fancy a cuppa?"
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