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My real name is Steve and I originally came to this site to have a place to vent and have a sook when I needed to with people who have been going through the same issues. There are some great people here that I one day would like to visit and say G'day to and have a yarn or 2. I am a former truckie who has made the step into nursing by undertaking a degree and eventually I would like to qualify as a Stomal nurse/Wound care nurse. I am in my second semester of 1st year so I have a long way to go.

I am open and honest about myself and life. I can be blunt and at times brutal in my comments. I can also be a shoulder to cry on and understand where most of you are at when there are issues with your stoma.

I am back at this site now as I believe my greatest support is here. I wish that someone could come up with a cure to our ills but sadly for some of us were stuck with having a belly bum and theres nothing that could be done to repair it.

Take care of yourselves, do as your advised by health professionals except when you know they are talking out of their collective arses. Be supportive of those in need and above all enjoy life no matter what. It certainly beats the alternative.

Just spomething to ponder. When you have an ostomy there is one thing to remember. Ïf a bird flies over and craps on you, you are lucky enoigh to have something to throw back"!

Cheers for now

Gus (Steve)