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Hi! as said in my profile am a single mom, a civil servant in Tanzania, am 28 yrs.
My sister was diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer in the middle of last year, part of her right breast was removed and started chemo therapy, now her ovarian cancer has swollen and pressing on the large intestines, the doctors had to operate and reverse her system to move her bowels from side of her stomach, this was done in the mid of December.
Now she is an ostomy patient, she no longer values herself as human anymore, she stays in her room and cant go out, supplies like colostomy bags are very expensive we cant afford for daily uses so she has to stay in her bed every time and we clean up after her every morning and evening.
she now cant walk properly, she is weak and refusing to eat so she wont make a lot of mess.
i need help on how to help her, i need her to gain her life again, go out and see people again and mostly i need donation of colostomy bags and other supplies, she still has to attend chemo and moving her from home to hospital(Ocean Road) on public transport is almost impossible in her condition and she now wants too reject Chemo to stay in her room till the end..
i need help any helpful assistance i can get