I am a hard worker single man that has lived with Ulcerative Colitis since I turned 21. I have tried to live life no matter how bad things have been with the condition. Now that I am 40 my colon is giving up the ghost and according to my doctor it needs to go. I like to meet, share and learn from people that have traveled a similar road.. Had my surgery on 9-10-18 (Update: healing good, still experimenting with foods I can eat and learning the up s and downs of having a ileostomy pouch, I work outdoors and found I have to hold back what I do, still testing the waters on what my new body will allow me to do)
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Living with an ileostomy and would like to know more from others in...
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find solutions to skin rashes around stoma
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I've had a urostomy going on 9 years. Truly blessed to have it.
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I'm a fully tattooed baggedboy Had my stoma over 14 years throu...
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