Well it is a new year and I am still here! Lots has happened in the past year. My cancer came back in my lymph nodes on the right side of my groin so I was blessed with surgery and then 33 days of radiation. All went well until the next scan and it came back in the left groin lymph nodes. Again, surgery and another 30 days of radiation! What a pain! So, I am on a three month CT schedule and will get scans in Feb. I am done with the big C!
Five different places now! Chemo three times, radiation four! I win! lol On the Ostomy front, I am irrigating and still have output but no where near what I would without irrigating. Sometimes I goes days and other times not. Guess it goes back to what to eat every time! I prefer eating what I want to not having any output. Priorities! You only live once, make it good! Still Cruising several times a year. Went to the Panama Canal and Bermuda this past year. Waiting on scan In Feb to book another.
So glad to meet so many new folks here. Hoping to continue to help others get through this bump in the road. It is tough but you cannot let it rule you!

Well almost a year as an Ostomate and at this point I guess we are all old pros. It is an evolving life of new practices and experiments that lead up to living life better no matter how long we have lived it! While I first was consumed by my Ostomy, it is rarely my first thought when planning trips, vacations, life! That is a good thing! I have found helping people is my calling and I am glad to help those thru my experiences! Please message me any time! I love meeting new people!

I retired in 2016 and was enjoying it until all this happened in April of this year 2018. I worked as a supervisor of a Chemical, Environmental, and Fiber lab in the manufacturing arena and my second career was a Case Manager/ Patient Advocate for a large private Oncology Practice. I volunteer as an Event Coordinator for the SCOA Cares Foundation That assists those with Cancer. Love to cruise and do so several times a year! I have been reading some of the postings and the information was great! I am fairly new at this and have lots of questions about the best appliances and irrigating. I should be receiving my irrigating supples within the next week and am elated at the freedom this will bring! If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to them!!

I started irrigation in August,2018and am still working out the kinks. It has relieved a lot of my issues even though it is not perfect yet!
Glad to talk with anyone about exerpiences to help and of course get help as well!
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