In general my friends love me very much. I seem to be a good person. I love to take care, share and educate. Art is running through my veins and I cannot sit still. I am a very active person.
The most important part of my house is the kitchen. Cooking Asian food is an absolute passion. I like it hot & spicy and my gut handles it very well.

I dislike any type of quarrelling, especially about nothing. I love sunshine & hot weather, peace, silence, warmth, TLC, body contact, nature, trees, plants, flowers, animals and the sound of crickets in the night and looking at the stars. I love the smell of expensive perfumes. Ooops I cannot stand rain, strong winds and to be cheated.

In 2018 I have moved to a rural farm far away from civilisation without neighbours which I share with my goats, sheep, mastiffs, chickens, turkeys, rabbits and cats. I am growing my own ecological food and I recently installed solar panels without any help. (I am very independent)

I love the silence and tranquility but I wouldn´t mind sharing it with a compatible open minded, positive, happy, creative, international spirit.
Sharing silence is double golden ;)
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