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I am a physician, and eager to meet other active folks who are creative and enthusiastic about life. I am especially interested in offbeat and original ideas to identify quality of life improvements for ostomates. I like being outdoors, and enjoy hiking, backpacking, travel anywhere, as well as stargazing. I feel time flying by, more so since my surgery four years ago.

I am quite curious to learn more about dating as I now finally am ready to think about getting back into a healthy relationship with a member of the opposite sex. I meet lovely folks in a local support group, and the most deserving humans through Youth Rally, Girls with Guts, 11 Health, and at WOCN (wound ostomy nursing) conferences but definitely feel that I want a fully embodied intimate connection with someone who understands.

Partly because I have access to durable medical equipment suppliers, and occupy this odd position of being bothconsumer and medical provider, I know product development could be far better. I am very keen to hear from people of any age who have innovative ideas about our unique physiology and how we might lower our carbon footprint.I appreciate insights about diet, fitness, and such with an eye toward biodegradable technologies or short term solutions to the usual appliances. I am always up for live music and dancing, and would love to put together a band, The Ostomates, or write a musical about losing a body part. Ping me if you have wordsmith skills---I have. a bunch of tunes waiting for prime time.. I play piano and sing when I am not tending to my garden or family obligations. Happy Trails.
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