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I retired several years ago from investigating welfare fraud. I have suffered most of my adult life from chronic constipation. In October of 2019 I had a ruptured bowel that resulted in emergency surgery and a colostomy. A second surgery followed to remove more of my large bowel. I have continued to have problems with bowel obstructions and more recently a prolapsed stoma. I am now waiting for surgery for an ileostomy which my surgeon thinks will solve all my problems. I am remaining optimistic but am nervous about the surgery and whether I will function better with the ileostomy. I am interested in talking to others with similar situations and am grateful for the support this site offers. It seems that nothing is taboo and I can be comfortable asking any question without feeling like a freak. I have learned so much already and am happy to share anything I have picked up that might help someone else.

I live with my partner of 35 years and as supportive as he is, he cannot really understand what it is like to live with an ostomy and all that entails. The friendship, camraderie and support from others on this site is wonderful and much appreciated.

Time for an update. I had an ileostomy ten months ago and because it has functioned well, I just had my final surgery to remove the rest of my large bowel and close up the old colostomy site. I was given a loop ileostomy but instead of having my surgeon replace it with an end ileo, I've decided to stay with the loop. I figure why mess with a good thing and risk further surgery if it's unnecessary. This site continues to be a great resource and support.
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