Had an ileostomy August 2020. Looking for help, ideas, support, and happy chat with people in the same boat. Finding a lot of difficulties but mainly with the physcological side of it all. Looking forward to making friends, comparing notes, chatting with the ladies, thoughtful souls, wise words and hopefully a giggle along the way.

Update: 6 Months on now and things do indeed get better. Chat, listen, Learn, be strong, be patient, and don't let it define you. Find what really describes you...
Weight training...grrrr
Forest walks...ahhh mmmm
Engineering... wow
Cheese, wine, biscuits...yum
Interesting things...!???!
Space... oooooh
Short jokes.. ha ha he he
Astronomy... x x x x
Circles... what? O
Biking... wheeeee
Painting and Drawing... oils
Music. Drums. Guitars..bum bum
Meditation... aaaoohhhmmm
Science... quantum physics #
Buddhism.. void.. empty..zen
Good friends... warmth
Cheese Cake... 2 slices..
Dancing... shall la la la

Most things are never as bad as you imagine.. And the other things are quite often.. better than they seem.. x

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