Thank you for reading, my name is Jo, I am an Oriental, who are kind, shy but love life. I used to work in banking field until I have colostomy in 2009 and ileostomy in June 2011. I enjoy travelling, musical, theatre, cinema, yoga, art, photography, good food, keep fit, tennis, skiing, chess, bridge game...etc, doing voluntary work and taking art courses at the moment...

Since new experience of colostomy and ileostomy which changed my life. I would like to meet people who interested in other cultures, life has so much to learn from the difference in the world. Enjoy life and share more happiness ahead of us. I can be contacted by gmail as bonjourjo as I'm not a full member so I cannot chat on here, besides I now rarely coming here.

I have great passion for travel and adventure, it is a way of battery recharge to me and it would be good to find people who share the same hobbies.
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