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I got my urostomy about 10 years ago after recovering from renal failure and a septic coma. Though it affects my life it does not define who I am. Living with(I hate that term)kidney disease, born with an intersex condition, and having had about two dozen surgeries throughout my life so far, I have other things to deal with.
Now as a Live-In Caretaker for a BC Housing subsidised seniors' residence, I look after broken old people and a broken old building, where I also live, alone. It is one of the best jobs and nicest apartments I have had. My varied past work experience includes veterinary assistant and carpentry so I am doing Good Things here.
I like to be outside when its nice. Laying at The Beach or rollerblading around The Park. I am happier in the sun. Inside I read a lot. Mostly non-fiction about genes, evolution, human nature, and gender issues. But I balance it out by watching every Simpsons and South Park. I play the guitar bad but I collect music good. Coffee and chocolate are important. Kind of a clean freak. Not the Chat type, if I'm online I'll be reading or writing blogs.

You are not just Anyone. A sort of person who is kind of like me(but not too much) who values life experience over material wealth. Has an open mind and a dark sense of humor. Likes to hang out at The Beach when its hot or not so hot. Listens to music all the time and doesn't care if anyone sees you dancing a bit at the bus stop. Reads enough to know the difference between Chuck Klosterman and Chuck Palahniuk. Maybe has a tattoo or a piercing or two. Turns off all the lights and the phone on movie night. Doesn't pass out right after smoking pot. Vegetarians are best but not the overly political kind. Fun at a dance club or a metal concert, but can't get out as much as you want. More artsy than athletic. Independant...........or not....I don't know, I haven't met you yet.............. * Also ANYONE else about my age Born with bladder exstrophy, congenital defects, gender ambiguity, and survived the many complications. **Has an ostomy from being born with a intersex condition like epispadias or Partial Androgen Insensetivity
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