I bought a new Harley after my last surgery determined to get healthy and ride again. It worked! I'm very happy and content in my life. The only thing is trying to get my wife out of nurse mode and back to chicka boom mode! I don't think the bag bothers her she just went through allot over the past year and a half with me almost dying and all..

I've had my bag since Feb.2010. I had a severe infection and lost 75 lbs(225 to 149)in the first 3 weeks. I had multiple surgeries in 2010 to remove the infection from my body. I had the final(I hope)sugery in Feb. of 2011 and now weigh 200 lbs. and finally starting to feel better. I will say it has been an experience that I would never want to go through again but it made me a better person. The only thing I wish for at this point in my life is more energy. I'm great for about 2 hours a day then I'm down again. Makes for a boring day! I've been through allot but I also learned allot. I had to learn how to maintain my stoma and have imparted my wisdon onto others. Everything from it not sticking to rashes to full blow ulsers on the skin. had to learn by trial and error. Wish I was on this site from the beginning.
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