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I have had my colostomy since September 27th, 2011. It was due to Cancer but the doctors were not able to figure out if it started on my uterus or colon. They found that it had started penetrating my colon and was about 10cm. So I had a hysterectomy and a portion of my colon removed. When I was discharged from the hospital I had to go home wearing a Wound Vac machine because they had to remove my staples early. I used the Wound Vac machine for a little over 4 months and then quit using it. Afterwards, the Wound Care nurse switched to packing my wound and then me changing it at home myself. I would go in at least once a week to have her look at it. After 7 months my wound finally closed and I was able to start Chemotherapy and Radiation. I was only able to do 3 sessions of Chemo because my white blood count went to low to continue doing both Chemo and Radiation together. After 5 1/2 weeks I finished my Radiation treatment on July 10th! Since then I have been dealing with the side effects from the Radiation. Radiation has really screwed up my insides and caused my small intestine to be inflamed and a small ulcer to form on duodenum. My gastroenterologist also said that my ulcer was in part also due to my taking high amounts of Advil so I have been banned from taking ibuprofen of any kind. I have recently found out this past May/June that due to the radiation I received my bladder is chronically inflamed which causes me to have frequent infections.

I enjoy country music, romantic comedies, watching baseball(specifically the San Francisco Giants), attending concerts, spending time with my family/best friend and traveling! My favorite color is purple and anything neon!!

If I could offer one piece of advice to anyone reading my profile is to seek out if there is an ostomy support group in the area you live. It has been a blessing in my life because I have learned so much new information. I also attend a Cancer Support Group that has become my "Thursday" night family. :)

So that is a short synopsis of my story. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send me a message. :)

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