...Im an ileostomate of almost 5 yrs now--from Crohn's Disease..Thank god I had a nutty sense of humour before this...I have been able to find it again and try to pass it along to whoever I meet..I'm a granny also..5 little ones..( 1 is close and very special)Been on my own now for too long..kinda set in my ways..live with my rat..and dont mix much anymore....Living life to the best of my abilitiy..Cant find people in my own town to talk and make friends with..ie-other ostomates...So here I am voicing my views..or jokes..Hoping I'm making someones day..

.Alrighty then, about time this got a refresh...Well I am single,the anthem for me im sure...As for the man of them dreams?! turns out it was a nasty,nasty dream..oops nightmare.White knight in shining armour had a lot of rust and a damn lot of screws loose....Im a nice woman..not a bloody mechanic...Now sealed that old heart back up and back to normal ...Im as crazy as I want to be.(uh oh)lmpbao...I do what I want and have the love of my family...What more can a girl want!?Im actually starting to believe that about men being like parking spaces...either empty.. taken or handicapped....Hey, um no backlash..just a joke...If ya know me...thats what I do best...
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