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I was gifted with my Colostomy(Lucy), if I spelled correctly, back in 2012. Had extensive radiation treatments to pelvic area which left me radiation colitis. Everything has been trail and a lot of errors! LoL!
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f, 48
I have indeterminate colitis & am just checking things out here.
Wisconsin, United States
f, 58
New to the ostomy world… permanent ileostomy in February 2023. Wa...
Florida, United States
f, 63
Hi just had surgery this past June for colorectal cancer to save m...
Florida, United States
f, 67
I have had an Ileostomy for the past 58 years. Since I am in my sen...
Manitoba, Canada
f, 51
Hello. Just had surgery (Colostomy) a month ago. Struggling a bit a...
Massachusetts, United States