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Oct. 2021: It looks like I need to update my profile. A few things have changed. I was a Nurse in a large hospital for 34 years. I retired 1 year ago in the midst of the Covid chaos. I was born and raised in Iowa and lived there my whole life until Dec. 2020. That's when I moved to Florida to escape the midwest winters. I am politically liberal and watch way too much MSNBC...especially Rachel Maddow. I believe in science and telling the truth. (Sorry, if you're a Trumpster...) I enjoy working on home improvement projects, landscaping projects, riding my bike, swimming, getting together with girlfriends for a drink or two, red wine and dark chocolate. I love to laugh. A sense of humor is important, especially for people like us. Things I do NOT enjoy include bitter cold weather, cigarette smoke, cooking, or anything Trump has said or done.

I was healthy all my life until this cervical cancer thing reared it's ugly head. My surgery was in 2008 and I have been doing well ever since. I've been divorced for 9 years and I have no children but love dogs and have 2 of them.

I have been an inactive member on this website for several years, but have recently decided to give it another try. That's why I'm updating my profile today. Unfortunately, this website doesn't allow you to know if a profile was written 10 years ago or 10 days ago.
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