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Mr nice guy

Hispanic male here 48 years of age. I live somewhere in the Los Angeles area. I am divorced and have a young teen daughter. Im currently full time employed. I am skilled in many areas of crafting, electronics, mechanics etc....

Update: 08/16/2011. I used to wear a colostomy for about 10 years. I had corrective surgery 5 years ago. Thankfully I am back to how I used to be in my normal life. Of course I do have many scars from the previous surgeries. I do have a girl friend currently. However, If you need a friend that has lived for 10 years wearing a colostomy I'm here to listen.
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f, 49
I'm new at this.. It's scary... Bear with me
California, United States
m, 48
Colostomy from diverticulitis had emergency surgery Christmas day 2...
Florida, United States
f, 61
I recently became very I'll and had emergency surgery which ended ...
Michigan, United States
f, 59
I have had an ileostomy for 20 years. I live a very active lifesty...
California, United States
f, 37
I'm outgoing, optimistic and extraordinary
Louisiana, United States