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Looking for ostomy friends near Maryland (USA) for outdoor activities. 1998 diagnosed with UC; 2009 colon removal; roller coaster for several years; trouble with adhesion; unable to enjoy sports/hobbies, etc... Having a permanent ileostomy changed my life but, with the help of some amazing people on this site, I've adjusted to having a pouch and have figured out how to keep a pouch on through any activity. I haven't had an issue with leakage in years...sailing, kayaking, hiking/backpacking. After about five years of working out problems, I'm much healthier and happier than before surgery. Don't hesitate to ask questions, especially about tips to keep a bag from leaking.
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f, 56
I had a permanent ileostomy done September 16,2021. I have battled...
Arkansas, United States
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Ileostomy since December 2021. Looking for friends and support!
Nova Scotia, Canada
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Looking for Support
f, 56
I am new to this I just got my ostomy bag in August of last year a...
Oklahoma, United States
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Looking for Support
New York, United States