Cleaning Ostomy Irrigator Sleeves: Need advice on effective solutions


I use a Hollister Irrigator Sleeve. What is a good solution for cleaning the sleeve? I use dishwasher soap with little success.

The sleeve sticks together after the attempt to clean it.

Thanks for your advice.

Billy Lump


Hello billylump. It is a good question that you pose. 

I couldn't get on with dishwasher soap either. Interestingly, just plain warm water is often enough to do a reasonable job but the sleeve needs to be rubbed on a flannel whilst the water is still in it to get the inside cleaned off. I found that the tablets they use for steralising baby feeding bottles does quite a good job in removing stains (over here in the UK they call it 'Milton'.) But that needs to be left overnight to do a good job. However, more recently,  I have been using neat cheap bleach to clean almost all my equipment and the sleeves are no exception. I only have the equivalent of half a cupful,  which I pour into the sleeve and lay it on the floor of the shower so that the whole of the inside gets a thin dose. I leave it for an hour or so before pouring the bleach back into the glass jamjar for storage and reuse. If the bleach accumulates any 'particles', then I seive it through a drywipe and it is once again fit for purpose. after the session on the shower floor, I rinse the sleeve straight away, so that I don't forget about the bleach when using the sleeve next time. I don't think neat bleach would do the sensitive skin around the stoma a lot of good! This system works well for me, but as with all these 'remedies' it comes with a warning that it may not work for everyone.

Best wishes


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Thank you, Bill from the UK. You have a great idea. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Billy Lump


I too tried Dawn dishwashing soap and it seemed to clean fine but I think it yellowed the sleeves. I also used a finger brush to scrub around the flange of the sleeve but found that is not really needed either. I started using just hot water and I blow dry the sleeve before packing it in my case. That helps a lot and it no longer sticks.


Puppyluv56, thank you for the helpful information on cleaning an irrigator sleeve.


Getting Support in the Ostomy Community with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

Hope it works for you! Other than boiling everything, guess it is as sanitary as it needs to be! I used to think it needed to be sanitary. You know what, it is poop! Never going to be all that clean! Lol I use the same sleeve for months. I don't think they wear out. If they discolor, that is when I trash it. I use a two-piece pouch system so my sleeves fit the flange as well, so no belt needed. That was a pain in the butt. One less thing to worry about. When I started, I used sanitary gloves, belts, deodorant/lubricant, Dawn dishwashing soap, y barrier strips, barrier rings, wipes to clean and wipes to adhere, and you name it. I quit with it all. All I have now is my irrigation kit with sleeve, I do buy Walmart brand KY jelly to put a drop on the cone before irrigating, my flanges and pouches. No frills! Never had a skin irritation or problem sticking. I use regular shower gel. No "clean" residue-free stuff. Never a problem.