Opinions on Coronavirus and Flu?

Tangleloft 06


I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were about the coronavirus? Especially in the USA, but in other countries as well. There is a lot of news out there, but difficult to know if it is all true, or if it is being covered up, underexaggerated, or just don't know at this point. It could be and is a rather scary situation. On top of all that, we have the flu in high gear.

Any thoughts and/or opinions would be interesting.



Latest and greatest is that this disease is transmitted through the digestive tract...........so us Ostomates NEED TO PAY ATTENTION!




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Thanks for this post, and, as I tend to have thoughts and opinions on almost everything, I felt I should reply:
Firstly: As the Chinese government have 'come-clean' about the outbreak, then I think we should all take it very seriously! (as they seem to be doing)
Whilst this outbreak could cause anxiety (which is understandable) IT IS MUCH BETTER TO KNOW ABOUT IT AND TAKE PRECAUTIONS THAN TO BE KEPT IN THE DARK UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE.
I feel sure that as time progresses, we will find out much more about the causes, effects and distribution of this virus, as we have with previous ones. Meanwhile, it does look as if most governments are taking it seriously and giving reasonable advice to their citizens.
With a lot of luck, the virus might be contained, and they will have time to develop a vaccine. However, the world is grossly overpopulated with humans. who have deemed fit to pollute it as much as they possibly can in a multitude of different ways, so we cannot be too surprised when diseases are spread so rapidly throughout the world.
I feel sure that, if we run true to form, then we will try to find a 'cure' for this virus, rather than seeking to find out why it developed in the first place. Respiratory diseases have been made so much worse because of air pollution and a whole range of other diseases are exacerbated by other things that perpetually pollute our environment. However, I feel confident that, while someone is making a profit out of all this pollution, they will not give a toss about those who pay the price (that they do not factor in to their own costs).
Sorry if these comments offend anyone, but you did ask for opinions!
Best wishes

Tangleloft 06

Thanks guys for your replies and input, much spp5


In the aftermath of the crisis, Chinese stocks have gone down. Savvy investors will pick them up first chance. Either the Chinese will overcome it or a vaccine will be found and then one can go laughing and singing to the bank. Technology and chemicals shares are most inviting.

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Tangleloft 06

Thank you for your post, good info to know.


Hi, everyone. They did find the cause. It revolves around the Chinese buying and eating small caged animals including squirrels and rats. Ugh!


The wily Chinese turned misfortune into gain. When stocks tumbled on what they called "black swan" day, their institutions stepped in and bought in the billions. The profit they made would also run in the billions.

Tangleloft 06

Thanks bowsprit, very good info to know. Terrible thing people are filling their pockets over other people's deaths.  


Over ten thousand dead the past year from the flu.
My only concern is that it could possibly be a weaponized virus.


So Tangleloft, I do have thoughts and opinions about this thing but they are scary as heck so I'll just keep them to myself.



Tangleloft 06

Hi Mike,

I would very much like to hear your thoughts and opinions. Posted in private mail if you would please, unless of course you want to share with others. I, for one, would like to hear.



Newbie Dana

Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that include both the common cold and the flu, and a number of other viruses that cause upper- and lower-respiratory tract infections, such as SARS and MERS in past years. They affect many different species of animals as well as humans. Although they usually stick to a single species, they sometimes jump from one to another, such as when the bird flu jumped from birds to humans. Coronaviruses can cause a very mild disease, or they may cause a more severe disease which can even lead to death. It is very difficult to create a vaccine against coronaviruses, because they mutate fairly rapidly into forms which are not affected by the vaccine. The flu vaccine is developed every year against the one or two most common strains of the flu going around that flu season. That is why you have to get a new flu vaccine every year - by the time flu season rolls around the next year, the strains of flu that last year's vaccine protected against have died out and new strains are active and require a new vaccine. If you do get the flu vaccine every year, you are mostly protected against those strains, but you can still catch a different strain of flu. Nothing is perfect.

With regard to the novel coronavirus out of China, they may or may not develop a vaccine before it mutates into a new strain, like flu. The new strain may be as virulent as the old strain, or it may be less severe, like a bad cold. There is no way to predict that. I have not heard whether they are using antivirals against it, or even if antivirals are effective against it. Apparently, the most effective measures at this time are not to travel to China, and not to come in contact with anyone who has traveled to China since December.

Although thinking about "weaponized viruses" with regard to the coronavirus may be considered, I seriously doubt it could be done - coronaviruses are too unstable to make that possible. Some other virus, possibly, but not coronavirus.

Tangleloft 06

Hi Newbie Dana,

Thank you for your reply. As mentioned, I am interested in any info about this subject, mostly because I am getting tired of reading the same info. I feel people from all over the country and world will have better opinions, thoughts and different news because of being in other parts of the world. Like to hear from other, non-media, people. The media, well need I say more!

Thank you