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Watermelon.... yeah or no?


I have been living with my ostomy for about a year now and doing well.

I am just wondering about the safety of eating watermelon...

Last summer, I ate two bowls of it (I love watermelon!!) and a little while later, I noticed a ball in my bag. I am not really sure what it was, but I am thinking maybe it was fibers from the watermelon?

Anyway, it scared me, so I don't eat it much anymore. I take one or two bites and then stop.

Is watermelon safe for us to eat? (I have an ileostomy)

Has anyone else experienced something like that little ball? Was it most likely fibers?

I have never seen anything like that before when eating anything.

Thanks for any feedback.


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I ate it with no problems! Both ileostomy and colostomy 


i eat it all the time


A big yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss from me I love it.....I can see your worried about it just gradually increase the amount you eat 


Watermelon with a dash of salt is a good way to help stay hydrated in the hot months but I do see it when I empty my bag but have not had any issues. Back in the day I could eat a whole watermelon in one sitting but living with a illeostomy eating in moderation is the way to go testing things out with all foods. 


Hi Judge,

  Watermelon is fairly easy to digest and low in fiber, so it's considered a "good" food for ileostomates.  I doubt the ball of fiber you saw in your bag was from the watermelon, but take it slow and see how it goes.  I prefer my melon frozen, as I love that texture.  Longroad got it right.  The salt on the watermelon trick works. The salt makes the melon taste sweeter......and provides the sodium you need to go along with the glucose in the melon......and stay hydrated.  Now all this talk has me wanting some watermelon......but all the stores are closed.  Guess I should read these posts in the morning instead!!




Yes ok for me too.  Just make sure it is seedless.  Stay well.  Penguins7



Watermelon is okay. But it should be without seeds. That ball shape stuff might be the raw seed left inside watermelon. 

So nothing wrong in taking watermelon...enjoy!!! :)


I have just had my ostomy for about three months, but so far almost all vegtables (raw and cooked) and fruits--especially watermelon give me awful liquid "output".  Will this change over time?


YES!! For the first few to several months, your remaining intestine is healing, and a low residue diet is recommended to give it time to heal. It will take time and re-adding foods back to your diet slowly until things get more normal, and you will find that your output will change over time as your body adjusts and heals. Don't give up hope; it does get better! Just be patient and give it time. Eventually you will find the few foods that you can't eat (or can't eat much of) and the many more foods that may cause problems now but won't later as you adjust.


I have an ileostomy and eat seedless watermelon all the time.   


My ileostomy is four years old; the colon and six inches of the small intestine were removed. Since one of the functions of the colon is to absorb extra water and return it to the system, if some or all of it is missing, foods with a high water content will produce watery output and this will not get better over time unless your diet changes as well. Reduce the quantity of foods with a high water content and increase consumption of water absorbing foods such as rice. I also eat fresh fruits and salads at home (but not for breakfast) and do not bring them to work for lunch since I have to use the restrooms there every two hours as it is. Eventually you will figure out what to eat and when,  to minimize disruption to your lifestyle.

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