Blister and red spot near scar - seeking advice

Jun 17, 2020 9:44 am

Hi guys! Freedancer here with a skin issue question. Since my two surgeries were emergencies, the doc had to crack me open very fast. My scar runs from just below my breastbone area and stops just above my upper pubic area. I was changing out my skin barrier a few weeks back and noticed an area of redness directly across from my belly button that stopped just short of where the skin barrier ends. It is in a straight line with my stoma opening and appears as an oval sort of red spot about the size of a quarter. I didn't think much of it because the scar is so irregular in that area and the doc cut around the belly button. I have been keeping an eye on it and it has developed a blister-like sore, partially open and oozing clear liquid and part of it closed, holding a clear liquid. It doesn't hurt because my nerves in that area have never recovered from the two surgeries, and I have no feeling there where the blisters have formed, but my area around the scar and the larger part of the red, inflamed area itches somewhat. The blistered area is just to the right of my scar, midline to my belly button, and midline to my stoma. I have been adjusting the skin barrier so as to stay off of the red area and the blisters as much as I can. Have any of you ever had this type of issue before, and if so, how did you treat it? What I am trying right now is I cleaned it really well with hydrogen peroxide, allowed it to dry, and then put some cream that the doctor gave me for a surface yeast infection that I got on my C-Section scar. It had the same clear blister-like sore as this one on my belly; however, the yeast infection has been cleared up now for many months. My two C-Sections were many years ago, but I have trouble with the scar from time to time due to the location of it. I am perplexed at this weird blister and red spot. If any of you have ever had something like this, your input would be greatly appreciated. I will be going in for surgery on my left hand on July 2nd and will be getting my pre-op on June 23rd, so I plan to have my VA doc have a look at it if it doesn't clear up. Thanks for listening and for chiming in on this question.

Past Member
Jun 17, 2020 8:26 pm

Hey Freedancer, it's impossible to make any good suggestions without more information, including a look at the blisters. It could be any number of things. My general rule is, if something persists for 2 weeks without change, it needs to be seen by a health professional. If it gets worse, don't wait 2 weeks. So, I'm glad you're going to be seeing a doctor in the next week. It sounds like an infection of some kind, and only a health professional can tell whether it's serious or not. I wondered if it could be an ingrown hair along your scar line, but unlikely if it's the size of a quarter. Could it be a reaction to something, including heat? Again, impossible to know, but maybe someone else will have some experience with this kind of problem. Good luck, and please let us know what your doctor says.


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Jun 17, 2020 8:42 pm


Perhaps it's a stitch?


Jun 18, 2020 1:02 am

Hi Free,

Well, without a pic it's hard to be sure.....but I think I have something similar. Mine is right on my incision scar. It was red initially, about the size you describe and wouldn't heal. The redness went away, but it developed a bit of pus under the skin, which I'd pop it and it would scab over. Then the next day I'd just repeat the process. I finally showed my gastroenterologist, who didn't have a clue, and then showed my dermatologist to give her a crack at it. She gave me some cream and told me to stop pulling off the scab and popping it. But, as we all know by now, I'm not good at following directions, and I like popping things. The cream didn't do anything, so it's in the drawer alongside the other useless medications prescribed to me over the years. It did finally dry up..........but came back a few weeks later, which was earlier this week. I'm not concerned about it, and now it's just part of my morning daily routine.............empty bag, take motility meds, shave, shower, change my bag on change days, brush teeth, deodorant, pop scar zit and have breakfast. Then it's off to the barn to feed the zoo, take the pooch for a walk, check emails and then head to work. What's one more thing in the morning!



Jun 18, 2020 3:07 am

I guess that is one way to start your day right? This is not on my scar but next to it. Hopefully I will get an answer from the doctor next week. I was thinking about making an appointment with my stoma nurse at the hospital. He helped me when I had an allergic reaction to a barrier wipe. If the VA doctor can't give me an answer, I will give him a try. Thanks for your comment!

How to Manage Ostomy Leaks with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister
Jun 18, 2020 7:31 pm

When my husband had a skin issue that sounds like this one, after his reversal, we could not get help from the ostomy nurse that offered any relief. She gave us all the usual replies you get...antacid, etc. We finally got out the ozone generator and put the hose next to the irritation & covered the area with a Cool Whip container to keep the ozone concentrated on the area for one hour. We also covered that with a bed protecting pad and then a towel while ozoning. It was really ugly and would not stop weeping with some blood. After the hour, we made sure all was dry and used the stomahesive powder & paste. When we changed the bag several days later, there was no hint of the irritation. Since then, we always do the ozone with a change and if he ever gets an irritation, it is cleared up with the next change. You can get the generators on Amazon for $50 or less. We would not be without it. It has saved his life more than once. He is now 10 years into his second colostomy after a failed surgery following a nine-month reversal.

Jun 18, 2020 11:58 pm

FYI, if anyone else is interested. This came in an email today on Ozone. "The discovery and naming of ozone is attributed to Christian Friedrich Schonbein in 1840. Its value in medicine was debated for many decades and references to its use were sporadic. Dr. Albert Wolf, a German physician, wrote in 1915, "As regards the medical usability of ozone, the viewpoint of experimental science may be considered as being in direct opposition to the practical experiences gained by industry." He used ozone successfully in the treatment of decubitus ulcers. During the First World War (1915), ozone gas was used to purify the drinking water of major cities since 1901. The first was Vienna, and the most recent was Los Angeles. It does not give water the disagreeable taste that chlorine does. Although many authorities refer to it as poisonous and a hazard to life, like anything else on this planet, if used properly, it is beneficial - in fact, life would become extinct without ozone in our atmosphere."

Jul 03, 2020 2:49 am

This topic caught my eye because skin issues are very common with Crohn's disease. Did you know that? I used to think a couple of pimples from prednisone were no big deal when I was younger growing up with IBD.

Never would I have thought how bad some skin issues could be until recently these last two months. April and June 2020.
Can a skin issue be an abscess? Can it be a purple pimple? Can it be cellulitis? Can it be MRSA? (Google it) Can it also be Pyoderma gangrenosum? (PG) ..

Hm.. In the previous statement above, it's exactly what I got myself into. Exactly. I googled "skin issues associated with Crohn's" and wow. Jaw dropped to the floor. Were any of you aware of these other issues that seem to be part of IBD? I didn't know. I am finding out though..

In any case, I think a larger broader thread or discussion should be made here so people know that a pimple, or "bite mark" or rash could be something worse. And it needs attention..

Also note, I developed a yeast infection in the corners of my mouth and part of my tongue. This was due to prednisone treatments of PG. High prednisone treatments.

From your mouth to your ass and everything in between, you will have issues with IBD that will give you pause. Even though your diseased colon is out, I do not believe you're cured of IBD.

For me, I am like waiting for the other shoe to drop.. in my case, it's all because of an abscess I became prednisone-induced with infection. Now that's something you don't hear every day.

I guess I am at the next stage but never would I have thought what the doctor did to me, opened me up to PG. This type of thing only needs a cut, open wound to be triggered. It starts as a purple-colored pimple.. and will break within a day. Just what I need too, an ugly dormant pimple just waiting to rear its ugly head. This is Warrior, I will be back.

Jul 03, 2020 5:03 pm

Hey Warrior...........we've been wondering (and worried) about you, brother!!!  Sounds like they've been sticking you in the wood chipper feet first!  Sorry to hear you're having to deal with all that crap.  I'm aware of most of it, but choose not to think about it, as whenever things get going good for me.......something bad happens to balance it out.  And things (oh, I hate to say this) have been going pretty good for me.  So I'm bracing for the dip in this roller coaster ride we call life.  We know you've got bigger fish to fry, but keep in touch when you can.........and if we can be of any help......even if you just need someone to scream at and got my number!  Hang in there, Bro.........and thanks for letting us know what you've been dealing with.  I just figured you were working on your tan at Seaside and eating hot dogs and burgers on the boardwalk while winning cheap trinkets and stuffed animals all day.  Boy, was I wrong.  



Jul 04, 2020 3:18 am

Hey warrior. Thanks for letting us know what has been going on. I had not heard about most of that. It sounds like a very rough road you have been on. Sorry you have had to go through all that. I hope it will all be behind you soon. Just know you are thought about and missed. Best wishes and stay safe.