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Best deodorants for pouch

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

I'm now regularly using liquid deodorant drops in my pouch. What a difference for bathroom smell!  Has anyone discovered an inexpensive one?  I sometimes runs out of the one I get with my supplies, so looking for suggestions. 


I use baby oil all the time and find it works well for lubricant and odor and is relatively inexpensive.  Plus I buy the 3 oz travel size baby oil for when I travel and out for dinner etc.  These go through TSA no problem in a back pack or carry on too. Stay well. Penguins7

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Security T Ostomy deodorant 

part # 108000 made by Genairex 

Vitality Medical is now selling for $5.52 for an 8oz bottle which will usually last me a month works and a lot cheaper then M9 and it works!


Nothing cheaper or more effective than baking soda.

HenryM wrote:

Nothing cheaper or more effective than baking soda.

You just put some in your pouch?  How much do you use?  


Hi my stoma nurse gave me a recommendation a few weeks ago and it is amazing makes a massive difference, and the best bit is it's cheap

Peppermint extract (the type you use in baking) a couple of drops in the bottom of the bag and 👃


And a book of matches does wonders....lol



I use M9 ..2 drops in morning and 2 at night ..



Peppermint Altoids or tic tacs will do the trick😎


Good to know all these off the shelf alternative odor killers incase you run out of Ostomy deodorant.

NJ Bain wrote:

And a book of matches does wonders....lol


Hey buddy how is it going with u?


Hello everyone!

 The best thing I have found for deodorant in my pouch is a peppermint dietary gel cap. I just drop one in my pouch first thing in the morning, especially if I'm going out. My output is minty fresh for most of the day.

It must be the gel caps! There's peppermint oil inside and when the gel melts the oil is released in the pouch.

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