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This may sound weird, but does anyone know of a product that is like a small cushion/foam type thing that can be placed inside your underwear right over your stoma area to protect it? I just started my part-time job back since chemo and I work as a cashier at a grocery store. After my first full shift, I realized my stoma was tender. It seems that I am pressed against the counter scanning groceries right where my stoma is. So, I was thinking about putting some sort of padding inside my underwear to kind of protect it when working. Is there such a product already or am I going to need to make something? Thanks.


Hi Lori,

Sounds as if your stoma is getting a workout. There are stoma shields that you can buy. I would think you could buy foam sheets as easily to slip over your stoma for protection. Hope this helps. Puppyluv

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Thanks. I've never seen stoma shields before. I'll check with my supply company and see if they have them. That may do the trick. I was just thinking about padding the area. :-)


Hello judgelori.

The stomaguards work quite well as long as they can be kept in position. I found that mine 'drifted' so that the edge ended up over the stoma and caused the very problem I was trying to avoid. I did try different types of modern packaging - (that is used to wrap and protect goods sent in the post) but it nearly all had problems of different types that I was unable to live with it on my body. 

I bought some small samples of neoprene (The stuff they make wetsuits from) for something else I was experimenting with. It comes in different thicknesses and different colours ( I chose skin coloured ). This worked very well against my skin, which can be sensitive to lots of stuff. It probably would give you a degree of protection but would still need some way of attaching so that it did not 'drift'. 

If you are suitable for irrigation, I would definitely recommend that as an option, as it opens up many more oportunities for wearing 'protective' gear for your stoma. I normally wear a wide belt with one of those clip-in buckles, which I situate directly over the stoma. this really protects it well, but it would be no good if you were to have output into a bag (This belt is one designed to keep people safe in wheelchairs).

It is a pity that someone doesn't invent a belt buckle specifically for stomas - When I was  a boy-scout, we had a round metal buckle that might have been ideal for my purposes today. I keep on the lookout for suitable buckles and, apart from the one I use, the most promising ones (ironically) seem to be the ones that nurses wear.

I do hope you find a suitable solution to your problem soon.

Best wishes



Just thinking out loud... how about cutting out a foam square (choose your thickness:  1/4", 1/2", etc), then cutting a hole in the center of it just large enough to push your pouch through, then let the foam square rest there around your stoma.  You can gauge the thickness of the foam by how much your stoma protrudes.

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I once placed a sock in my seat belt to smooth it out and keep me from hitting things as you described. I had thought about buying feminine products "pads" that come with their own tape and use them when needed. Sounds silly but I don't think I have a hard plastic piece right now. Mark


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