Constipation, Engorged Stoma, and Pink Skin - Seeking Advice



Has anyone experienced awful constipation and stoma problem? I've had colostomy for 4 years. Now I have a

hernia on the left side, quite swollen. I'm on Miralax 1 or 2 times a day. But this past Saturday, I could tell there was less I added more Miralax, prune juice, very little food. It took until Sunday in the

middle of the night to finally get relief...but the stoma was still swollen and red. The skin is pink/red around most of the stoma. I didn't have problems like this until now and one other time 5 months ago. I am having a colonoscopy through the stoma and a look inside the 9" of rectum in two weeks.

Has anyone had this or anything like it?

I'm on Entyvio for a fistula in the rectum, possibly Crohn's. But diverticulitis was the reason/problem for the colostomy.

I would appreciate any thoughts or experiences if anyone has had this kind of experience. Thank you for reading.



Asiam, how did things get resolved 5 months ago? Did you do something to resolve it? Is it possible to do it again? Your situation sounds rather complicated. I am really glad you are going for a colonoscopy soon. Best to consult with a professional. Good luck, and please let us know how things go with your appointment. Your experience might be helpful to someone else on this site. Take good care.



5 months ago, I had an irrigation in the hospital for constipation. I had not been on a regular treatment for constipation, that's when the DR. PUT me on Miralax.

I go or more times per day depending on things. So I've hoped things would be fine. But I guess not. I think either the hernia or Entyvio might be the problem.

For 3 1/2 years, no problems. Until the last 5 months.

It's been a difficult time. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate what you said. It's so frustrating.

Take care, stay well.

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It sounds like your problem is worse now than before, so something may have changed that needs treatment more than a laxative. Glad you are getting it checked out. Please keep us informed. Best wishes and stay safe.


Hi Asiam, I've had chronic constipation most of my adult life. After the colostomy, it seemed that things were working OK and I wasn't taking any laxative, but that changed pretty quickly and I ended up in the ER with bowel obstructions twice caused by constipation. I now take laxatives twice daily or I'm in trouble. If I get constipated, my stoma gets very big and swollen, looking like you describe. Your situation sounds different as it has come on suddenly after years of things working normally. Hopefully, the colonoscopy will tell them something. Please let us know how it goes. All the best.


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Thank you for the information, just helps to know someone has had a similar experience.  

I'll be glad to get this figured out.  

Be well.



Thank you, appreciate your nice message.  

Take care.


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