Barrier Separation: Need Help with Uneven Flesh and Messy Situation


I have a big problem with my barrier. The barrier separates from my skin on the right side (every barrier, every time) and you know where the poop goes then. The flesh is a little uneven on that side - we call it a valley.

Any help would be more than appreciated!!!


Yeah, I get that... or used to get that with my wafer... Have you tried Sensura Mio Convex Flip Barrier? It worked for me. They are also using an "O" ring which is new... The flip part number is 18513... Start Fish Designs. Much better than square flat types. There are also these "C" adhesive strips which were very tight holding the wafer on... Lots of stuff out there... Like me, I didn't want to change but I am glad I changed... Change is good.

Good luck... ----Warrior

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Hi Knobby,

I have a lower portion than the rest of the surface around my stoma, and I cut a barrier ring in half, stretching it to cover the low area. It makes all the difference for me. I also use bags that are convexed in the center around the hole, then it steps up a little for the rest of the adhesive area. The very center around the cut hole is slightly lower than the rest of the sticky circle.

I hope that makes sense.

Let us know what you find that works. Good question. ...Mtnman.


I have used Coloplast and Convatec barrier strips in the past for added protection when swimming, hot tubs, and traveling. Like Warrior said, many things out there. Call each of the companies and ask for some samples of barrier strips, new pouch system, and the barrier rings. Give them all a try! Hopefully, you will find the perfect solution!


Hello Knobby. 

A great post and some useful replies. I irrigate, so don't have a problem with bags. However, I did have the same sort of problems with the wafers on the irrigation sleeves. ( - If you want to experience a forceful 'leak' - then try having the sleeve fall off midway through irrigation!!). I tried everything there was on the market and nothing seemed to work satisfactorily. Eventually, I made my own baseplates with a double belt and a device that directs the output down into the sleeve and away from the stoma so there is no chance of leakage. I use a medical adhesive spray to keep the baseplates in situ.

There are sometimes occasions in life when problems need to be sorted via a DIY (bespoke) approach, then you can get things exactly as you want them, rather than opting for a one-size-fits-all. 

Best wishes


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Hi Knobby, I have an ileostomy and mostly liquid output. I also have a dip in my skin at the bottom of my stoma. What I do is cut off part of an Eakin seal and stick it to the wafer/baseplate so it fills in the dip area and no leaks anymore. Good luck.


Thank you, warrior. I'm going to try that product!


Puppyluv56 - Thank you. We have used the half-moon shaped barriers, and it pushes right through them. We will continue to try adjustments. I hope to travel overseas when COVID is behind us, but gotta get this fixed first.


Bill, DIY, you are brave. I'm going to show your method to my wife and see if she wants to tackle it. Hope to be in the UK end of January if all goes well.


Hello Knobby.

The way things are going here with covid, I think you might be being a bit optimistic to think that things will be okay by January. However, if it works out for you, I hope your trip to the UK goes well and if you are in our vicinity, please feel free to pay us a visit. 

Best wishes


Reply to warrior

Warrior, I must have forgotten to order. Reviewing the posts today and just ordered some samples.



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