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Spicy foods...

Hey all you O-mate vets...wondering if folks like us can handle spicy foods, not to the point of sweating through your shorts and all that comes from that type of food but a decent tingle in the gullet. Does it bother the stomy? I've had mild stuff and all went well, so the next step is a little more heat. Anybody do nuts, I'm told in moderation. I don't want to take the chance yet? It'll be one tear 3-30-10 and I've eaten just about everything in front of me. The seafood diet, I see it, I eat it.

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G'day Bag

You like hot spicy food then i say go for it. I love my curries and make a really mean chilly dish. I might get gassy but it doesn't affect the stoma at all. So eat to your hearts content

My favourite food is Indian (the hotter the beef vindaloo the better !!!)   and I can eat all spicy/hot foods without a problem, but I don't have really big meals and think that could be the secret, as boring as it sounds everything in moderation works for me...then at least the taste buds are satisfied.  
Life is way too short to be giving up the good food!
I eat nuts, popcorn and everything that supposedly cause blockages in ileos.
Bag, I am also a fan of the seafood diet!
I dont eat to live...I live to eat!

yup same as gus said i have no problem with spices and oh boy do i like it yes get real gasy and if waffer lets it get to my skin then the burn can happen when it sits on your skin oh and smell also enjoy what you can eat since there is alot some of cant eat
I wish you lot would stop talking about nice food - for the last 6 weeks all my food has tasted of used cigarette ends! Oh I need a nice curry ..... xx
Yannno Rach,, ya really have to stop putting ciggy butts in your food,, nicotine is not a herb or spice lmao,,, Seriously though, As Jo said all in moderation, enjoy littl;e bites so you get the intense flavours,, and if you over do it then suffer in silence remenising about the lovely meal that caused the ddiscomfort. And its true if you eat a really hot chilly and ya bags leak it burns the shit out of ya skin, lmao but man its worth it,,

remember "NICOTINE IS NOT A HERB OR SPICE LOL",, sorry rach  ,, pinch
Jalapenos, habanero and salsa go good on anything!  I have a colostomy and if I ever seem to have an issue of constipation, this is a good cure.  AND it's not as painful being eliminated through the ostomy as it was when I had a rectum!  
ahn I remember the burning ring of fire,, sigh lol
The bottom fell out of my world once----or was it the other way round????
If the world fell out ya bottom no wonder you needed an Ostomy lmao,, think its the former,, either way ya needed an ostomy mate hahaha
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