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Ileostomy and Potatoes


I need guidance from another ileostomy person please . 
I know I cannot eat apple peels ,cucumber peels,pepper skins ...but can I eat and pass Potato Skins ? 
Im afraid to try as I don't want/need a blockage. I have NO large intestine at all.


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Hi Ritz

I have to peel my potatoes,but some with ileostomy on hear say they can eat anything. I had one blockage and never want to chance another.


Ritz:  I have more issues with potatoes (which I dearly love) than potato skins.   Potato thickens me up; nothing bad, just thicker than usual.  I do eat skins, just not often b/c I avoid potatoes.  The skins have never caused me problems, tho' sometimes I end up spitting out a bit of skin residue that's not gone down with the potato.  I also eat sweet peppers often, including the skin, w/o a problem.  I think the key is stuff like this is moderation.  Stay well.  HenryM



  You sort of answered your own question..........if other 'skins' give you trouble.....potatoes should be no different.  I don't usually eat the skins, but haven't had a problem with them when I did.  My issue is with unchewed french fries.  If I don't chew any potatoes to mush........they come out intact, and if there's enough of them it's not a fun time.  You'll also probably find your digestion is better in the morning, getting worse as the day goes on.  I can eat almost anything when I get up in the morning, but need to continually chew better and better as the day goes on.  

  If you have a real hard-on to eat potato skins...........try just one and see what happens.  You should know by now how long your transit time is from mouth to just keep an eye out when it's time.  I hope it works for ya!!!!!




Hi Ritz

I have a illeostomy and I eat potatoes with the skin on them. I must admit sometimes if I haven't chewed long enough it does tend to cause a bit of a blockage. Be warned when it does come out when you are in middle of changing the bag its like a bullet being shot lol 😂 sorry too much info eh. Take care for now XX


Hi all the only potato skins i eat are on baby reds they dont break down but they do pass thru my stoma, its the same with tomatoes.


It's always the fear of trying something new in my gut . Perhaps I'll try mashed skins first and see if the tiny pieces pass . 
thanks for everyone's input ,and I have hopes for my output!


I can, but only way for you to find out is to try if for yourself 


I have no problem with potatoe skins, the only thing my sergeon said I couldn't eat was pop corn but I can eat it with no problem, of all things spinish cooked and nuts give me a short term blockage.

I have had my ileo for 20 years, wish you the best



Morning Ritz....potatoes have been my kick for over a month usually baked at first I was scrapping out of the skins and loading them up then went to 2/2 skin cut bite size loaded up again butter sour cream bacon bits and cheese now I leave it in the skins load it up and chew chew etc... I am an 5 months permanent ileostomy  mate and have no problem passing potatoes or it does thicken up my output same as rice but no issues... chase your food with water it always helps....

Happy Sunday


ps I don't do apple skins, but grapes go through no issues minus the seed same as cherries no stem or seeds etc 

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