Eakin Ring: Essential for Ileostomy Appliance?


For those of you/us with an ileostomy... I've been using Hollister products, but have a question... Does everyone use an Eakin ring? Has some of you applied your appliance without the use of one?


I have used Eakin, Brava, Hollister, and Siltac. I do not have a preference. The ring is used to get a good seal around the stoma. I would not go without one.

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Hi Rocco,

I don't use the Eakin ring, but I do use the Hollister Adapt ring... same difference. My barrier simply wouldn't work without one, but it just depends on the flatness of your skin and the shape of your stoma.



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I find I get longer wear time using one than when I don't. I also seem to have fewer leaks.


I use a ring too. It really gives me a tight, safe seal around my stoma. Leaks are very rare, and the skin around my stoma is protected too.

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I've never used one. I mostly use extra thin Duoderm around my stoma to protect my skin and use a strip paste to fill in any gaps. Maybe I will try one. Might be simpler than what I am doing.


Thank you for responding!

Often, I wonder about not using one, and simply apply the wafer without using the ring....the ring gives a protrusion.  

I guess it's a vanity thing?  lol



I think we get some extra protection without getting a the edge of the wafer too close to the stoma.



Rockodee, hello... again, I was just going through and saw you asked about the ring?
Are you saying it's not working for you?
It definitely helps keep a seal and less blows!! (My opinion)

Did you try it without?
Do you get blowouts?

Do you ever take off everything and sit to let your skin get some air?

What you're saying, it leaves indent marks or no?

I hope it's working for you!!

Just me




It doesn't really have to make a protuberance. When I first started using the ring I didn't need it to be as thick as it came. I simply put some wax paper down on the counter, put the ring on that, and put a second piece on top of the ring and flattened it with a rolling pin. You can make it any thickness that you like. Just make it the thickness that works, nothing thicker......and you'll be good to go.

The ring material is just better at forming to the exact shape of your skin, which is why it works better than just the barrier by itself. When you remove it from your peristomal skin you'll see it makes an exact impression of your skin and all its imperfections.......something the barrier by itself can't do. I find it hard to imagine what ostomates did before they had all this great technology. Life must have been hell.



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I use the Convatec Eakin ring. It makes a tighter seal on the wafer, preventing leakage and, for me, keeps my skin around the stoma healthy. My stoma has shrunk a little, so I had to order pouches with a smaller wafer opening but still use the Eakin ring. I get about 3 days of wear out of the Eakin ring before it starts to break down, and then I have to change it and the pouch anyway. I can shower and go swimming without any problems either.

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