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Welcome to all the newer ostomates!


  Every once and a while I'll notice some new people and I checked out latest members and wow there are a lot of new folks out there. So I want to say WELCOME! And glad your here.

 You have found (I feel) the best ostomy website for support, answers, and truly genuine people who are all on the same journey. People just like you with real life experiences.

 If you have questions about anything post them in the forum under one of the many subject headings. Or send a PM to someone. We are all here with one kind of ostomy or ileostomy or combination there of. 

 So don't be shy read, post questions or what your feeling or not sure about. One of us has experience, or usually can help answer just about anything. You will find supportive wonderful people, friendships and more here.

 So welcome and hope to hear from you. Best wishes to all.  ..mtnman. 

Talk to others with an Ostomy
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Well done MTN , yes I to have noticed there have been a lot new members lately.


I'd like to welcome all the newcomers as well . This is the best site for all fun, information,support,guidance and new friends with no boundaries. 
Welcome , Fellow Ileostomy Gal , Ritz


Good post Mtnman I would like to say welcome also. It is good to see newcomers. Feel free to join in any of the discussions.


Welcome Newbies, 

If you have read any topics on the forum, you know nothing is too personal to ask advise on! It is those things that mean the most to all of us and usually don't have anyone else to talk to about them. We all understand. Glad to have you here and ready to help where I can!


I'm not sure if I am classed as a newbie but either way well said. Xx


Thank you all for the warm welcome. At first even looking at the thing poking out of me and sitting raw sewage was difficult without urping... Be that took some time, but I had a wound care nurse give me a mirror, and somehow that made it ok to see it. Idk why it helped, but it gave me enough detachment from it too address it with morbid curiosity. Almost a month later, I'm now fully carrying for it and have even named the ends Fred and Wilma. Idk..... Fred kept spitting while we were changing the ring, and it just came out. ""C'mon Fred! Quit spitting at us and cooperate!" This was five minutes after I'd given the nurse a look that told her she was ridiculous for asking me what I'd named them......idk if it's helped or not, but I've been able to accept ownership of this and although unpleasant, saved my life and is necessary for now. So I've accepted it with gratitude. Thank you again for your willingness to be so candid. It really does help. Looking forward to learning more and making new friends. 

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