Ileostomy and gallbladder removal: Impact on output?


Hey everyone,

I have recently been diagnosed with gallstones and need surgery. Anybody with an ileostomy and gallbladder removed? Any changes in output? I'm mostly concerned about the change in output, as I have never really had bad issues with leaks and whatnot. I know the more watery the output, the greater increase with leaks. Thanks for any insight or advice!


Around 2008-2010, I had gallstones removed by laparoscopy.  I suspect that, had it affected my ostomy output or otherwise, I'd remember, and I don't believe that it did.  Good luck with it.  Hey, cops are tough; what're you worried about? 

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Thanks for the reply, Henry!  Even "tough" cops can become wimps when they are shitting all over themselves!  HaHa!  I just don't want to disrupt anything!  A heavy-duty belt is bad enough around the ostomy.........don't want to encourage leaks with really watery output.  Thanks again!


I had my gallbladder out 22 years before my ileostomy. I never had a different output losing my gallbladder, just different now.


Hi Cop.  I had my gall bladder removed a few years before th colostomy.  I asked the surgeons if the absence of the gall bladder would compromise my plumbing system any further and they said it would not.

I'm not sure there's any worse pain than that from gall stones trying to rip away from their container.  Get the surgery as soon as possible.  It's simple!



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Thanks for the comment, Mike! I've had lots of kidney stones, but that was the first gallstone attack....that I'm aware of. I say that because they are very similar in pain. I think I'm gonna have a test run to determine how bad the gallbladder is, then make a decision to have surgery or not. So other attacks since 2 weeks ago. I appreciate the feedback!


Get it out 


Hi there. During the height of COVID, of course, I began passing stones. It turned out to be uric acid stones. Ostomates apparently get them. No surgery but put on Allopurinol meds and potassium citrate and citric acid oral. So far, meds working. Good luck....



I experienced the same thing and have been on allopurinol for decades.  Unless they passed quietly out of my system without telling me, I haven't had any uric acid stones since being on that drug.

Little Red

I have a colostomy and had to have my gallbladder removed. The only thing I noticed after was my output was more on the liquid side. I still have a regular output, but two or three times a day it is more liquid. And no problem with my diet. I am just cautious about anything fried. Hope this helps even if you don't have a colostomy, and good luck with your surgery.



There's no doubt in my mind you'll do the right thing.

 How great is it that we have so many wise, compassionate folks here to help us!



I have had an ileostomy for 64 years and about 20-25 years ago had my gall bladder removed. It had no effect whatsoever on my ostomy or the output.

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