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ConvaTec Outlet


I'm trying a ConvaTec after using Coloplast since surgery. I like the wafer/flange a lot, but I'm not liking the pouch outlet very much.
I get poo on my fingers and can't seem to open the outlet well to clean it. The outlet is long and narrow compared to Coloplast.

Do you have any suggestions?

Has anyone ever used a ConvaTec flange with a Coloplast pouch?

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Hi Likafly! I use Convatec and yes it's longer and more narrow than Coloplast but in my opinion you can get poo on your fingers with all pouches. If you are not squeezing your poo out to the very end then you will likely get it on your hands. I always roll a few sheets of toilet paper and clean all the inside of the long spout. Really I do not mind if I get poo on my hands because I just wipe it off with toilet paper and when I'm done with my pouch I always wash my hands. I have had my ileostomy for 40 years and I have tried all pouches and I feel that Convatec works best for me. There are many on the site that prefer Hollister or Coloplast. Really you have to try them all to find what is ultimately best for your situation. I recommend going to an ostomy nurse who can help find the best pouch system for you. Mike

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Thanks Michael, I'm doing pretty well with the Coloplast but curious about other systems. Trying to find the best fit for what my WOCN calls a "moderately challenging  landscape" just waiting to connect with Convatec's WOCN to get set with a good system from them. 


Good luck with your search.. I hate getting poop on my hands too and avoid at all cost! 

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I've had my ileostomy since I was 24 (Crohn's) I'm now 57. I've always used a 2pc system; the Convatec Natura. I dk how ppl can use a one piece system. My skin would be destroyed taking it off constantly. But, maybe that's just me? However, I do prefer Hollister paste and I couldn't live w/o my Hollister M9! 
I just ball up TP & have it ready to use when emptying my pouch. It usually prevents any mess but, as we all know, there are no guarantees! 


There is a sprayer that is used to wash poop out of cloth diapers. It connects to the water pipe that fills the commode up. I have one and it did not take my son but a few minutes to connent it. You just have to be careful about the amount of pressure you use. The handle of it is kind of like the sprayer at the kitchen sink. You just hold the bag over the commode and spray the poop out. the amount of pressure you use is controled by how hard you press the handle so you really have to be careful. Here is a link to show some and there are a lot more you can look up.

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Thanks foe your input on output....pun intended ;-))

I have a colostomy so change flange every 4-5 days. Will check out the Natura. 

I'm also guessing output consistency is different. IDK, still leaning towards the Coloplast bag but might pair with Comvatec flange/wafter

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Lovely, great idea!! I've tried a little bit on the irrigation side of things but kind of gave up. We have a bidet installed that the flow can be adjusted. I've never faced the back of the commode to empty before but it might be time to give it a try. Thanks!     :-)

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I just take my bag off and open the end and spary from the top of the bag and let it push the poop out the end. Best wishes and good luck.It anyone tries this sprayer please be care when spraying as too much pressure can cause the end of the bag to turn up and cause water to be sparyed out or the commode

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i use a  pelican platinum for my colonostomy and the end opens fairly easy but i can still get poo on my fingers so on my right hand which i use to hook out the poo and clean inside of opening to get most of poo out i wear a throwaway plastic glove as used in hospitals , do not have to be medical quality and i have used food preperation gloves in the past . if you get poo on glove during cleaning just wash it off , after using toilet paper i then use a wet wipe torn in two for two cleans around opening. job done. happy days.   patrick


I use Convatec. The trick is after you remove the clip, fold the first inch of the bag to the outside. Then take some toilet paper and shove it in and wipe the inside. Wipe the outside. Unroll and put the clip back on. No mess. Also, I have a squirt bottle and squirt a little water inside the bag and drain it out before unrolling if it's a messy output day.

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I've never heard of a Pelican platinum so I'll check it out. Still pretty sold on the Coloplast pouches but stil exploring. 
Thanks Patrick!


Sometimes when my ouput is not to messy I sit as far back on the Commode as I can. With the bag hanging in the     commode I undo the clip on the end of the bag push on the outside of the bag to expel as much as I can. Then I take a squeeze bottle of water and squeeze water into the end of the bag. Roll up the end of the bag a couple of times and hold it shut. Swish the water around in the bag then release the water into the commode. Then roll up a couple sheets of toliet paper and wipe the of the bag. Hope this helps. Best wishes


That's what I do too Lovely!! After that, I spray my M9 deodorant (I put it in a little spray bottle!) in the bag before closing. I couldn't live w/o my M9!! Neither could anyone in a 2000 ft radius; not kidding!! 😂lol

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