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My Spa Experience!


My weekend was incredible. Never felt more "normal!" (Had a seven year hiatus)

The Massage: I chose 50 min Aromatherapy. I lay on my stomach and back, did nothing different w/ my bag. For the comfort of the very accepting young masseuse (I offered, she didn't care), I put a small towel under and over my bag, on my stomach, then on my back. I have a bad back, curvy spine, but she was light on it, so no harm, only help from that. The massage is toe to head, back, then front. It was incredible. And full disclosure: of course my bag started to get a bit full at an hour when it never does. My Convatec bag rolls up, no harm to me, no leakage, and it was silent (that was nice!). Wow.

The Sauna, and other Rooms: Wow again! I was always a sauna person, never too hot for me. It detoxes, I believe, and it helps pain. Again, in the room, I had a small towel (they provided) over my colostomy. So no one even noticed, and again, I forgot. It was just me in the sauna. The showers were private, so shower was the usual (I keep my bag on, always have, w/ sticker over filter).  In the dressing room, I did not hide anything, but people are in their own worlds, so I have no idea if anyone looked, stared, wondered. I was in my own happy world! 

So I cannot recommend this enough. At my age (soon 65), and (stories for another day) w/ family who didn't accept me (Insane, just some bad fortune long ago), I had been hesitant, but no more! Obviously it is a bit of a luxury to do this, but it was worth every penny! My girlfriend was beaching and getting a facial, had a great time. My friends today must be accepting after what I went through in early  years. And they all are, which is wonderful. 

I hope this helps someone! And of course I came w/ extra supplies (didn't need), and I hydrated! Best to everyone!

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Liz ...I'm so happy you just relaxed and had a great time ! All that worry over nothing .... book your next one now ! We are as normal as anyone !


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Ritz, I knew that, but it was incredible to do one of my favorite things in the world! ☺️ 

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Liz..I'm so glad .Keep up doing the things you love 💗 


Liz. I am glad you finally did it and enjoyed it.

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Hi Liz, so glad you shared your experience . I've been hesitant yet wanted to get a massage. I always thought wow they will see the pouch. Well I'm going to go for it!
Glad you enjoyed it!



Happy to hear it went well Liz . It does make you feel Normal  and worth all the anxiety you fee the firdt time all you need is a Special Someone  to soap your back in the shower ☘🐻  

Eamon 🥳


I agree with Ritz! Live your life and never avoid doing something you love because you're afraid. I had a hot stone massage in Turks & Caicos in May with my daughter and we had such a relaxing time , I think I started to snore! Lol! I'm so glad I did it. It made my day!!!! So happy you were brave!!! And yes, book that next massage. There's nothing like being pampered.


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I'm so glad! I didn't want anyone to wonder, hesitate like I did. The best to you!


Hi Liz, thanks for sharing your experience with us. More than half of the things we fear never happen. As you said people are in their own world and never notice. Enjoy your life to the fullest...

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You must must do it!

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How true that is, and I was in my own world as well! Thanks!



isn't it so wonderful? That's great and like mentioned above book and rebook! My surgery was 12/15/20 and I have had a 90 min massage weekly since March..... I just that, acupuncture and Pilates for my recovery and to keep me in balance! There are a few things I can advice what I do for laying on my stomach... I have a small square pillow that I bring to every session...and it lifts my tummy so I am not laying directly on my stoma. I have also used a pregnancy massage table! They have a whole where your tummy goes.... I cried the first time I tried one... to be able to lay flat was amazing!

never not go due to this... I do it all! Even a hot tub, beach and swimming in a pool! Good luck!

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Thanks for the suggestions! Really appreciate it!


Hi Liz,   Thanks for sharing y our experience!   I know it was  helpful to lot of people o ut t here...    The tho ught of having a massage  , never occured to me back in my " younger days"    20   & 30's..   I'd had my ostomy when I was 15, married at 20, and was busy having and raising my babie s   into my 30's  ..   When  I was in school, and my marriage was falling apart, a friend invited  me to spend a w eek in Fla, at her vacatiin home..   The kids had camp,   I imported the grandparents to stay at the house, and I joined my friend   for a week of ( what was for me ) luxury.   We went to the beach club, enjoyed the beach and the pool,  dinners  out, and the  highlight....a  full spa day...   We  chose the classes and procedures   we wanted.....and that included  a lunch as well..   We had pool excercisses, yoga class, massage,  a " wrap " of some kind.....while others went for facials  or other options...    WE were ab out 5 gals, in cluding my friend's mother in law ( this was her birthday gift)   who meanandered around the dressing room, as proud of her aging body   as would any 20 year old..   While I was somewhat "anxious"  in my mind,   it never occured to me not to go, and partake of all the " luxuray"  this special day  offered..   That was the  beginning of what would be many more relaxing and restorative sessions, in many beautiful locations.    The most memorable, was an o utdoor massage, under a tent,   booked from the cruise ship on which I was traveling..  In all experiences,  the masseuse, was professional, accomodating, helpful, and never indicated my most obv ious "  difference".    For all  the men and woman ostomates out there, who have never done it....I recommend  splurging on y ourself.....and enjoy the mental and physical   health the experiences provides....    Best regards...


Good for you Liz! Thanks for sharing!

E& I

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Thanks for sharing that! Great for you, great for all. I think, after my experience and reading all of yours, there's an extra BIG benefit for ostomates: it is another of those "rejoining the world" experiences for those who just didn't know or think about it. All the benefits of spa, beach, life! Wow, what a life you have led. We all go through the ups and downs of life, but after ostomy, this is more than a luxury! 💖

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I hope folks get this chance, take the opportunity!


I've had my Colostomy/Ileostomy for a total of 27 years. Colostomy first then Ileostomy, I have always wanted to have a massage and have been afraid to do it. These messages may just have changed my mind. 


You've waited a long time. Please, please do. I intend to have massages, go to spa, etc. from now on! (When I can afford it!) Any wait is too much of a wait. You deserve this. 

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I am finally getting to the point where (if in a spa, etc.) I don't care if someone sees the bag. I'm happy to explain. It's part of me! Run, don't walk to your massage!

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Good for you ladies ...go for it . The first time I took my shirt off at the beach was so liberating , I decided not to give a shit , don't llike it , hey I don't like looking at your big hairy butt squeezed into a thong  and in need of a Bra to control your Man-Boobs , I just don't look !! . 

   In the days when I lived in San Francisco  I used to go swimming at Aquatic Park  in the shadow of the glorious Golden Gate Bridge  . I generally wore a T Shirt  . One cool foggy evening with the Sunset slowly giving the GG  that famous Golden Glow  I was swimming as usual , swimming ca and goggles included .  I will admit that you got and still get an eclectic mix of old time SF Beach bums sitting or wading or swimming .  Some adventurous homeless men would have their evening wash in the bracing water of the Bay  in varying stages of dressed / undressed  , no Naughty Bits expised !! .  Not weirdos or perverts   just doing normal  stuff .  My body temp was getting  as low as  I was comfortable with and quite exhausted from the cold water . 

    I must have presented a bit of a strange vista  dragging my dripping tired Butt out of the water and up the beach . My TShirt and shorts were waterlogged and stretched but stuck to my shivering body . There was a woman sitting  in the sand  and as I approached she  got this look of horror on her face .  I looked down eventually and my bag was filled to capacity .and making a huge bulge in my shorts !!!   And not the good kind  lol..  I  grabbed my towel and ran to my car  , luckily there was a portapottiy so I was saved .

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Thank you for your input. I have done the hot tub and the swimming pool (water aerobics) / swimming, beach, cruise, etc. all the comments have me convinced to try a massage.  I first have to get some major urinary issues resolved. I will be going

to the Mayo Cinic in a couple of weeks. I have been bothered by this particular issue for two years and it has gotten progressively worse and no one can tell me why I have so much pain when I pee. All they can say is it's called an "angry" bladder.

Right now I am confined to my home as it is so bad. Peeing every twenty to thirty minutes and extremely painful. I pray for some miracle answers. So I can get back to living!!


Good luck at Mayo. I hope you get your answers, and that this will stop. Back to life. 💖


Isn't it great to enjoy yourself so much in the water that you don't even realize the bag is full?! 😂

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So True……. So True…… LOL


wow it's wonderful! 

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