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Stoma scar 6 years old is bleeding


This past year my mother passed away at the age of 95. I cared for her for the last 16 years. I lived with her in her home she bought in 1968 so there was a lot to move and liquidate to vacate the house in order to sell it. I had 3 weekend garage sales, many trips to charities, disbursements for family, yard cleanup and on and on. I had help but it was my responsibility to get it done and to get out by the date the house was put on the market. 

It was a lot of work and I also had to make arrangements for what I wanted to keep and where to store it not knowing where I was going to live so I didn't know what I need or not and I still don't. I'm currently renting a room while I wait for the house to sell before I have the money for a place of my own. 

Through all this stress and physical activity my stoma scar from having my osteomy reversed is now bleeding. It's bleeding enough that my undergarments are stained everyday even though I'm not as active as I was during the move. 

I have a hernia on the opposite side that I have surgery planned for. Also when I got my reversal it took awhile for my stoma to heal as I contracted MYRSA on the site that took 2 treatment rounds before it closed completely, about 2 months. 

I want to know if anyone has any insight on how this happened after all this time and how to treat it. I realize it was the stress and the strain of lifting too much and overdoing it but that couldn't be helped. I didn't know it was so delicate. 

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I'm sorry this happened. Sounds like you need to get it checked out by a nurse or doctor.


Ya, I've been referred to the surgeon. Just like to go prepared if you know what I mean. 


chark6023 wrote:

Ya, I've been referred to the surgeon. Just like to go prepared if you know what I mean. 

Yes I do. Good luck with everything. 💗🙏


I don't have any additional insight into what happened - I'm sure you're correct that the physical stress of moving has caused the surgery scar to split slightly and leak blood. Have you considered using a panty liner to absorb the blood as it leaks and keep your underwear cleaner? It would also help pad the scar area to keep anything from rubbing it and further irritating it. I know it wouldn't be in a traditional placement, but it shouldn't be too uncomfortable.


That's a good idea. Thank you. 

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