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Hi, I just recently went back to work. I work retail, so I am close up with customers. I would appreciate any tips on how to make sure my stoma is quiet during work hours.


Duct tape her mouth shut. Of course, taking the tape off might not feel very good, and God only knows how much will come out as soon as you rip the tape off. If you seal her up, do you then burp in front of customers as the air has to get out somehow? You could easily put either thick fabric or a piece of neoprene into the pocket of the wraps that I use, or I believe there are belts that hold your bag with a neoprene piece to go over your stoma area.

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I had to look neoprene up. LOL Good idea. What kind of wraps do you use?

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The ones from Ostomysecrets. They have a pocket (actually 2 if someone has 2 bags) to hold your bag. It would be very easy to slide a piece of heavy fleece or whatever type of fabric you want inside the wrap and on top of your stoma.

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Thank you so much. That is a great idea.

Words of Encouragement from Ostomy Advocates I Hollister


Do not eat a big meal before or during work and avoid food that causes gas.


Thanks, AL. Yes, I am hardly eating in the daytime now. Trying to drink lots of tea though.

I am starving when I get home after work though. LOL


Nothing, it does what it wants when it wants. I use a tummy sleeve from a maternity shop.

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Good idea...thanks!


No high fat or high sugar foods or milk products during or before work. Keep your meals while working simple and small. Cereal bar, bread, tuna, string cheese, small amounts of hard candy, crackers. Tea or water.

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Thanks for the tips.


Hi! I have two jobs in customer service. I always bring Poo-Pourri spray in my pocket just in case I need to go to empty my bag. Try to eat before your shift and avoid gassy foods like dairy or onions.

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Thanks so much.


Hi Sunflower111. I use two "mufflers" ( underneath a Comfizz ( cloth wrap over my bag when I am going to be in close proximity to people. These do a pretty good job of minimizing "noise", lol.

Good luck!

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Oh, thank you... I will check it out.

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