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Hey all!


Hello to everbody! I haven't been to this site in many years. I've been meaning to sign up again, but I have been busy living life and never quite got around to it. For any longtime members, I am the person who started the "Ostomy Tips" thread way back when. I'm looking forward to getting re-aquainted with you all, as well as meeting new members!


Talk to others with an Ostomy
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Hello 👋 from New Brunswick Canada 😊


Thanks and welcome back, same here until lately I haven't been on here for a couple years.



Hello to returning members. Nice to have you back on the site.


Hello, and welcome back!  I'm sure that 'Ostomy Tips' thread has helped many people over the years.



Hi Paul, welcome back! It's always nice to have new friends. Thank you for your contributions as they help so much of us!



Welcome back I'm a newish member but try to participate as regular as I can xx


Thanks. I only come occasionally.  I've been an ostomate for almost 58 years.  Sadly, in the last couple of years I'm not as healthy as I used to be (73 years old) and can't find much info about long-time ostomates. Take care!


Thank you and welcome, I am a new member also paul.

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