Can I eat thin pizza 7 weeks post-surgery?


Can I eat this? 7 weeks since surgery from bag attached thanks


Everything in moderation and well chewed!

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Have a drink with it. Beer


Got to love the pizza.

Plumber is correct when it comes to introducing new foods back into your diet. Start small on the amount and chew, chew, chew. This should go for each new thing. That way, if it gives you an issue, at least it was not a large amount and will work its way through.

Be careful with crispy foods like chips and things that are hard for the body to pass through because they do not absorb liquid to soften them when digesting.

Recovery time for each person is different and depending on the extent of surgery you had, it might vary on your recovery time and how soon you can start introducing new things back into your diet.

Remember to start small.


All the above, they know what they are talking about, no need to punish yourself, enjoy.


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Thank you. I did and it went very well.

ron in mich

Hi C, if the pizza has mushrooms, be sure to chew, chew, chew as they don't break down and digest. Also, if it has pineapple, like some like on pizza, it needs to be chewed well. Enjoy!

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Thank you. Good to know.

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Just watch out for crispy crust. At first, I would avoid much of the crust if crispy. Eat it in shifts.... Don't wolf down the whole thing without coming up for air!! As the other people said, drink lots of liquids during and after. I find it helps if I can get flat afterwards, stretch out on the couch for an hour.

All the best and enjoy.


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Greetings Magoo! I thought it was a me thing because I digest my meals easier if I lie down after eating. Is this a thing? I'm interested to know if others find lying down helpful.



Laying down after eating... Zzzzzzzzzz


Chen, you should be okay to eat some pizza. But as mentioned above, the toppings are generally where you can run into issues. I personally eat small amounts of mushrooms, green peppers, and black olives. I remove most of these from the pizza if my family orders with these toppings.

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Yes, get the feet up and stretch out so you are not sitting in a bent over position, as you are when sitting. A little walk helps too.

Homie With A Stomie NS

Yes, you can chew and chew some more. Have some water with it, but most of all, enjoy.... It may change your output. Don't be scared if it appears a little red; it's the tomato sauce....

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That's for sure, drank a bottle of V8 and it came out just like it went in!! Lol


Like everyone said above, little at a time, chew, chew, chew some more, I was scared at first too, didn't want to get a blockage... It's been 3 months since I had my life-saving ileostomy, and I have had most of what I used to eat ... except corn, nuts, and raw vegetables that I have not tried yet... still a little hesitant, but this past weekend I had a Subway footlong Turkey with everything, went well, I think I had my first piece of pizza about 7 weeks after, but it was just meat and cheese, I just made sure to chew the hell out of it, and fluids!

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