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Gallbladder surgery with an ileostomy


Ok Ostomates.....I'm facing surgery to remove my gallbladder in the near future (I will meet with the surgeon at the end of this month to schedule). My PCP, who has referred me for surgery, has told me that it will be a very complicated surgery because of all the previous surgeries I've had and all the scar tissue I have as a result. I know it will be open surgery because I've also been told I cannot have laparoscopic surgery in my abdominal area. I've had 5 previous surgeries. This gallbladder removal will be my 6th. My question: Has anyone who has a permanent ileostomy had gallbladder surgery, and how did things go for you? I'm pretty healthy right now otherwise. I'd love to hear any and all comments or advice. I'm so not looking forward to another surgery. 

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Hi  Mom ,  I don 't know if you have read my Blogs on this ??  I don't want those to scare you .. . The love of my life Kitty had Gallbladdar surgery one year before we lost her to a bloodclot . 

   It was more dangerous for Kitty because she had Short Bowel . She coould eat normally after many months of therapy  but still had Short Bowel , only about  18 Inches and no Colon . She lost them due to chemo and Radiation for Breast Cancer ... which Kutty beat  completely and it never returned , about  12  years . 

   With Kitty they removed the stone  with Keyhole Surgery . Keyhole is Very dangerous I have learned  with this area , especially with Short Bowel .  I would suggest great care and attention After the surgery . The unbalanced situation with Liver and Gallbladder  after this surgery caused Major problems for Kitty . Blood Clots are very common and Very serious  , even life threatening .  Keyhole surgery was ...( not a Doctor ) not a good idea for Kitty and I see that now . IMHO    they should have just removed the Gallbladder  , as in your case  . I think you are diing it the safer way . 

   Kitty's Docs gave No warnings about Pacreatitis and blood clots  which are very common . Look out for the term  " Lactated Ringers " in your treatment . Learn when this treatment is applied   , read up on it or / and ask a medical professional about it .

  Yiu should  Definitely be monitored for blood clots until they no longer pose a threat ....12 months at least . Be very careful with Blood Thinners and kniw what you are dealing with .  This is very serious stuff so be careful who does the surgery and their experience . 

   I was in Ireland when Kitty planned her " Minor Surgery" and could not be there at the appt  when he convinced her to do it . I was there when Kitty  had the surgery . They said it was a Day Procedure . I picked her up  at the hospital  but Kitty was back in the hispital that night in agony .  It was Pancreatitis  and I stayed in Kitty's room for the two weeks she was in there make sure she  got the best care . The blood clot came  a year to the day after . My Sweetie was gone in minutes . 

    As I say this is just a cautionary tale Careful afterwards . Get Ultrasound fot blood clots as often as reqiired  and don't take your foot ofg the pedal !!!  Keep the Docs on their toes . Watch what is happening in the hospital and keep your ears open , all the time !!   

Best of luck and taking it out is the way to go . 

Best wishes ,  Eamon  ☘☘


I had laparoscopic removal of my gall bladder when I had an ileostomy, but perhaps your situation is different due to the number of prior surgeries you've had.  Otherwise, I'd think you'd also be a candidate for laparoscopic, which is vastly preferable. 


As I found out from my own surgeries  your Scar Tissue situation is very important . Keyhole was out in my case because they knew I had lots of Adhesions connecting all my Abdominal Organs . When they opened me  up the scar tissue was much worse than expected so they gave  up on removing my Rectal Stump and J Pouch . It could have been a real mess if they tried Keyhole on me . Kitty's Docs told me it is cleaner and safer to just remove the Gallbladder rather than remove Stones   , if that is appropriate . Hoping not to sound like the  " wannabe Docs "  who think they know everything , I  don't !!!  Just picked up a bit over the years of being a " Prodessional Patient "  ...almost !!! 

E ☘

     As I say ,  not a Doctor here but have seen a lot in all my hospital experiences  and  just want people not to dive in Blind ...inform yourself as much as possible before any procedure .  Check how many.  such procedures  the Surgeon has done .  Aftercare is Very important . 

Eamon ☘

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Thank you so much for this information and your story of your beloved Kitty. I certainly will ask many questions and my husband will be there with me too to ask anything that I can't think of. To say that this isn't front and center on my mind is an understatement. My tests show I have no stones or sludge in the gallbladder but my gallbladder is less than 20% function. My PCP told me removal is done between 35-60% function. I have been having attacks of pain & nausea. I'm still trying to figure out my diet to help keep these attacks to a minimum. 

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Thank you for your reply. I really wish I could be a candidate for that type surgery but after one of my past surgeries (I think maybe the 4th one) my surgeon told me I could not have any laparoscopic surgery in my abdomen due to the adhesions from all the previous surgeries. I will definitely be asking a lot of questions. 


Hi , just a bit more . The major problem for Kitty was that  interfering with that extremely sensitive area and leaving the Gallbladder will cause Pancreatitis . I never knew just hoe dangerous this is for all of us on this site . .  It totally unbalances your hydration , Potassium , Magnesium and other essential  items . For medical people out there they did the " Raised legs "  test , the ultimate test for Hydration and fluid content in overall tissue . When they do this test you know it's serious . They had infused 3 Litees of fluid Over what the body can contain safely . Kitty's skin was separating with the pressure from all this fluid and she got a red rash of raised skin all over her body . The idiot Doc had No Clue what this meant !!  Thankfully the ICU specialist intervened and saved Kitty's life on that occasion .  This caused blood clots .    

   As I said I'm not trying to scare anyone , just to give the info I have , up close and personal terror when I saw how this Doc was treating Kitty , mistreating ! 

    Anyway it seems that avoiding Pancreatitis is very much advised  so it seems that you are doing the right thing . Inform yourself what the readings on the machines mean . You see a number then just Google to see what number is within Normal range for that reading . If the reading is way off then Ask !!  If you have a bit of knowlege they will talk steaight to you , if you understand what they are telling you they will tell you more . 

I hope your surgery is a success and enjoy your new lufe without pain  ☘☘

Eamon ☘💚

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Thank you again so much for this information. I'm so sorry Kitty had to go through such an ordeal but thankfully someone intervened and she had you also to care and advocate for her.  I'm trying very hard to educate myself before this surgery. I have a friend who has many medical problems and does deal quite often with pancratitis and I know that she is in excruciating pain when it happens.   I myself have had issues in the past with keeping my potassium level up and I'm sure I'm not always as hydrated as I should be.... so these are all things that I need to stay on top of too.  Thank you for your well wishes. While I'm naturally not looking forward to another surgery, I am looking forward to feeling better and not having gallbladder attacks.



It's nice that your fellow ostomates can weigh in, but I would definitely get a second/third/fourth opinion.  Not all experts agree, and the skill of the surgeon could impact what is done.


Thank you for your reply. I sure will keep that in mind. I'll know more and see how well my questions are answered when I meet with the surgeon on the 30th of this month. My gastroenterologist is very good and I have a lot of trust in her. She has chosen this surgeon for me. I do understand what you are saying though in suggesting other opinions. Thank you


I had gallbladder removed laparscoplcally and have ileostomy and had no issues. It was my third abdominal surgery. Of course we all come with different recipes, so to speak😉


Hi Guys ,  I'm just relating my experiences with Kitty  and just wanted to remind people of the things to think about before any surgery .  I hope your surgery goes well Mom ☘💚

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Thanknypu for your reply. I wish I could have laparoscopic but have already been told I cannot have any kind of laparoscopic surgery in my abdomen. It will surprise me if that changes. Im not looking forward to this at all but just hoping that all will go well and my recovery will be smooth. 

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