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First field trip scheduled since ostomy


My caretakers birthday was this week, he kept it a secret from me! 

I suggested a night away to celebrate. We are headed to Portland Maine on the 19th and seeing a Maine Mariners hockey game on the 20th then returning home! 

Using my travel points from Marriott for a free hotel room, parking is quite expensive however! 

My brother in law is joining us at the game, a friend of my sisters son plays for the Mariner's and I've never seen him play! 

Gotta figure out travel with my TPN and also pouch change day! Dim sum prior to afternoon game then driving back to the south shore of Massachusetts to my home! Pretty excited about the whole thing!

I'll request a medicinal fridge for the TPN then hook up in the car after the game for the drive home! Hopefully we will arrive the evening before early enough that I don't have to hook up in the car on the ride to Portland! 

Go Mariners and my player Cam Askew! 

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Sounds wonderful! I hope you have a blast! ❤️

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Thank you, just ordered the cooler for the TPN! 

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Awesome! I love Portland, Maine. 😍


So happy for you Paul! Have the best time! It's nice to look forward to having fun, and a hockey game should be lots of fun! Enjoy yourself!



Good for you, Abe!  Portland is so lovely, and it sounds like you have got a great plan of travel. You shall have a blast!


     Yayy! Take lots of picture, and we'll expect a full account when you get home. ❤️

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