Fitting pants with an ostomy? Any experience with Stealth Belt?


Wonder how to fit pants with an ostomy? Also, wondering if anyone has any experience with Stealth Belt?

So happy to have found this site!! To share information and support with like-minded people.

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Welcome! There was a really great post on this subject. I will try to find it for you!

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If you look under 'Forum', 'Ostomy-related questions', there is a post called 'Clothing?'. Hopefully that will get you started.


I remember seeing a contour plastic insert that clipped into the waistline and put a gap between the pants and the body, allowing the pouch to slide into the waistband without being pinched off. I have not found it again, but it does exist.

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A stoma guard belt would do the same thing.

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Looking into Stealth you know anything about them? Thanks.

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No, I don't.