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Permanent end ileostomy


Had mine last Wednesday! Colon removed! Only 2 feet long! Surgeon used colostomy stoma hole for new ileostomy stoma! Only stayed in hospital 3 days! Not bad for wore out 70 male! Only one day liquid diet! Had pancake, yogurt and one egg for breakfast today! Β Had leak at hospital! Always Tk your own bag! All went well! Have nice day!

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That's wonderful news!


So glad to hear it Hermit!Β  Sounds like you are doing great!



Very happy to hear of your successful surgery Hermit. I hope you have a speedy recovery!



Good for you Hermit ...... Happy to hear you are on your way , take care.


Tks to all ! Fill good!


Hermit, so happy everything went well for you. Pray you have continued good healing. Best wishes


Hi Hermit thats great news, and to only be in the hospital 3 days is remarkable.

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Tk ya!


WTG Hermit! Hope I can be like you at 70! Mike

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Don’t understand why doing so good! Guess good immune system! Tks for response! Tk care!

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