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Help me guys. I cannot prevent leakages


So my bag leaks almost daily. I've had major blow outs and slow leaks but I've never gotten to go on one bag for more than two days. I just can't get a seal around the ostomy. I'm currently using paste but I started with the little rings and they both have the same issues. I'm sooooo freaking exhausted with this. I just can't get a good seal. We use the skin prep, we stay close to the ostomy but I still get leaks.

Is there any out of the box tricks or something? Like I'm considering denture adhesive or some other type to try and get a good seal.


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Have you tried not using the skin prep? Are you rinsing the area really good to get any adhesive remover off?


pixie my relation used the paste as she had a lot of operation so uneven skin due to scarring and it worked ok for her .might be something other than the paste . alex t may have a good point . do you clean around the stoma with adhesive remover before washing the area around your stoma .have you tried the coloplast brave elastic tape that come in half moons to encircle the outer perimiter of the pouch as a short term measure while you figure out what the problem is.  all the best patrick.

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I try to clean the area as good as possible. The paste is such a mess so I struggle sometimes getting it off. I wash and wash and wash around it. I put this new bag on now with no skin prep and no ring or paste because a home health nurse is supposed to come out to see me.

It happens even after showers and stuff, so I'm not sure how much cleaner I can get the area.

Do you know if there is an issue with storing supplies in a bathroom? Could I be damaging my sticky stuff?

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It seems that my ileostomy output just mixes with the paste and it works its way out to the edges. I have done my best with the adhesive remover and I scrub as good as I can. My belly is a "jelly belly" lol because I've lost so much weight this past year and it's covered in stretch marks from my pregnancies, so I don't have a smooth surface. PLUS its by my belly button. And I have surgical incisions around it. omg it's so much I just can't quit crying.

I have put on the half moon tapes to keep it from coming out until my husband can get home to help me but like you said it doesn't really address the issue.


Hi Pixie,

Do you use soap with any moisturizer in it? I was told by my Ostomy Nurse in the beginning that using a moisturizer soap that the oils in it would cause the flange not to stick or rings or paste. I use sensitive skin dove soap and haven’t had any issues with leaks. I do use the paste around my stoma turtle necking around the stoma and then run my fingers gently around the flange to push the paste up around my stoma to act as a gasket. I have an ileostomy. 


I’m sorry to hear this, Pixie. I’ve been struggling since my surgery in January, colostomy, to get the right pouch. My ostomy nurse and I just keep ordering samples and trying out different products. I need deep convexity and flexibility to form to my hilly terrain around my stoma. 

Any chance you just aren’t using the right appliance?  It is easy to get samples from all of the manufacturers. 

Are your wafers cut to the right size for your Stoma?

Im traveling a similar road as you, but without the extreme leaks and blowouts.  We can travel this road together, just private message me and off we will go!  I have so far tried 10 different sets of samples and I think I’m getting close to what my stoma wants. If your appliance needs lots of goop and glue and paste and magic, I think you may not have the right pouch. 

What is your stoma like?

Peace, and you have come to the right place with your questions. 



Have you tried a convex pouching system with a belt? I use hollister brand.  I heat the sticky side of flange with blow dryer for 10 seconds before applying. It softens the “glue” for better adherence. Then the belt goes on. I only leave belt on for a day. It gives appliance the pressure needed to stick better and I don’t need to run my finger around stoma for pressure (that process always made me cringe). I get 4 days before needing to change appliance. Maybe try using as little accoutrements as possible. Sometimes less is more. Good luck. 


Pixie, I didn’t realize you have an ileostomy. This begs the question, why does your GI have you using laxatives?  I’ve not read of others with ileostomy Ed’s taking laxatives at all, as the small colon flows so freely. 


I know it sounds basic and I say it often? Do you use a belt. If not try wearing a belt  I wear a belt pretty much 24/7 a I get 7 to 12 days on a change. I use convatec and Ekin seals and a belt I have had an illiostomy for 25 years 

or talk to a WOC Nurse 

Hope that helps, good luck, I’m praying for you


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I use my regular soap when I shower but I always wipe around my stoma with Dawn dish liquid to get all the oils off my skin before I put the appliance on. I can't find anything that doesn't have moisturizer in it. We bought some Dove but it had moisturizer in it and I quit using it. My nurse thought the Dawn was the better option.

And my paste just seems to mix with my output and eventually work it way out anyway instead of forming a gasket. I need a gasket that doesn't disintegrate.

Thanks though. I'll keep at it.

This guy has lots of great info.


Oh, man! I can relate. Lots of good advice on here for you to try. The single thing that fixed it for me was adding Tegaderm? tape on all 4 sides of the flange. It seemed to really stabilize the whole thing. I keep a heat bag on it for 10 minutes after the change and am good to go. I now get a full week out of each bag and never had a single leak since and I know that if it wasn't taped down it would leak in less than a day. Good Luck! You will get it figured out.

PS. I don't use any other products on the skin. A little stoma powder tight to the stoma. I find that some of that other stuff makes it seal worse.

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You can buy surgical soap just like what the hospitals use. 


Hi Pixie

I have had my osteotomy for 10 years now and can still recall the same problem as you have, with great distress, became a bit of a hermit actually through fear. However, I am well under control now, changed my diet to low fibre, emptied my bag each time I went to the toilet regardless of how much was in it, used swabs to dry the skin round the ileostomy a thoroughly as possible, wore Tena lady pants for a while, used a hand held hair dryer at gentle heat round the ileostomy skin to make doubly sure skin was dry then sprayed skin round the ileostomy with Sureprep Rapid Dry no sting barrier film, prior to applying bag.

Salts Stoma Paste is applied to the bag itself then dampen finger and very gently run it round the stoma paste to level it so make a better contact with the skin. Apply to stoma then fix four quarter moon shaped Flange Extenders round the edge of the bag, they stick down very well as they are coated with fairly strong adhesive (lifteez non sting adhesive removal aerosol is used to painlessly remove Flanges and bag).

the flanges really are excellent as extra security for affixing stoma bags plus give early warning if bag is beginning to leak.

I should mention that I am emailing from Scotland so the stuff I have mentioned might not be available in your area but if you would like me to email you contact details of the company who deals with my supplies I would be happy to do that.  Also, the National Health Service over here picks up the tab for all medical supplies so I am unable to supply prices for them. Just know that they have changed my life for the better. I also had the stoma nurse measure my stoma for a new template as our stoma’s change as our bodies change, in my case, more than a few extra pounds appeared from nowhere!!!
fotgive me if I am trying to teach my granny to suck eggs as they say over here, you probably know most of what I have written but hopefully you might find something here that will make your life a lot more bearable.

warmest regards


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Hi, I use Eakin seals and convatec (2 piece system) and have pretty good luck.  I've had an ostomy for 58 years -- yes, I'm tired of it but I have lived 50 years more than many thought!  I have to change every 4-6 days.  Sadly, my stoma seems to keep increasing in size and I having to get a larger size appliance as it will take up more abdominal area.  Oh, well!


I know what u r going thru. I’ve tried everything. I know our diet has a lot to do with how loose our bowls r. When mine is solid there is no problem but depending on what we eat ut becomes loose n it’s loose n is going to leak. Some times worse than other times. I hope u find a cure. Imuconsideri g getting a reversal but need a lot of research to do. 

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U can't store your suplies in the bathroom the stickiness will completely go I suggest buying a plastic chest of drawers putting it in your bedroom and storing them there, that's what I do. Definitely not in the bathroom too much steam


I had the same issues and just got it under control. I now use a coloplast convex bag, with the eakin ring around stoma, and then paste around the bag opening. 
I was using a flat bag so my pouch was wrong. I also wear a belt as well from coloplast. That fixed my problem immediately. I hope this helps and I know how frustrating this can be so reach out to me if you cannot get it figured out. I can send pictures to help if needed. Videos on YouTube helped me as well. Best of Luck!


Along with Alex T suggestions do you maje sure the area is completely dry as extra measure dry it the hit the area with hair dryer just to be sure....if you can get the Coloplast tape try 3m Micropore MEDICAL PAPER TAPE or surgical tape you can find it in about every drug store... after appliance is on cut tape and place around edge of flange and your skin...the medical tape adheres even vetter with body heat and is also waterproof....

Hope it helps, keep us posted on ur progress


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